University of Phoenix Credit Transfers Accelerate Degree Completion

Imagine a university that recognizes the time, effort and expense you have invested in your education and that lets you easily transfer those credits. While it might sound too good to be true, this is the reality for many University of Phoenix students. 

At University of Phoenix, you can reduce the time and costs of completing a college degree program by transferring credits from other academic institutions. You can also leverage your life experiences and military service to spend less time and fewer dollars to earn your degree.

The University makes it easy to apply for credit, handling the administrative burden of requesting your transcript. And you can save considerably on time and money. On average University of Phoenix students working toward a bachelor’s degree who also has prior college credits and relevant life experiences can save a full year and $11,000 on their degree program.

Throughout the transfer process, University of Phoenix enrollment officials can guide you and help you understand what credits might qualify and how much you can save with prior college credits, military service or applicable work and lived experiences.

A Credit Transfer Process that’s Simple to Use

University of Phoenix has made it simple to apply for transfer credit. First, a student must complete an application to the University. During the application process, a simple Transfer Release Form also needs to be completed. From there, the University will manage the process and make a formal request for an academic transcript from any colleges or universities you previously attended.

Typically, students requesting an official academic transcript are charged a fee by former institutions. By having University of Phoenix initiate the request, students do not incur any transcript costs. However, not all academic institutions allow another university to make the transcript request. In those cases, the student must initiate the request.

For military students, University of Phoenix officials will complete the paperwork to request a Joint Service Transcript from the branch of the military in which they serve or previously served.

Transcript requests can take between 5-20 days to complete. After University officials receive your transcripts, the prior work will be evaluated and assessed. Students are notified regarding which academic credits are accepted and credited toward completion of a University of Phoenix degree program.

What Counts for Transfer Credit at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has developed relationships with 19 institutional accrediting bodies, which determine whether a college or university meets acceptable standards for providing a quality education. Previous coursework that has attained a minimum grade of C- from colleges and universities on this list of academic institutions will be evaluated for transfer credit.

Other Ways to Earn University of Phoenix Credits

While courses completed at another academic institution are one way to earn University of Phoenix credit, there are several others available.

Military Service Credit

At University of Phoenix, military experiences are deeply valued. A University enrollment representative can help assess if your previous military experiences or training can count toward completing a degree program. Whether active-duty personnel or a veteran, you can list your previous military experiences on an admissions application. Like non-military candidates, you’ll need to complete a Transfer Request Form.

University of Phoenix handles the paperwork to request a transcript on your behalf. University professionals can evaluate those military experiences and make a determination based on credit recommendations. There are other military benefits to enrolling at University of Phoenix. Active-duty military personnel pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree program can qualify for discounted fees for each credit taken at the University and may be eligible for a waiver for resource fees. In addition, military veterans may apply their G.I. Bill benefits to assist in paying for a University of Phoenix education.

Work and Life Credits

A Prior Learning Assessment can help determine if you can receive University of Phoenix credit for your work and life experiences. University representatives can also help guide you to alternative credit providers and national testing programs that can be used to obtain University credit.

International Academic Credit Transfer

University of Phoenix officials can assess academic credentials earned at many international universities and colleges. If unable to complete an assessment, officials can direct you to an agency able to do so. Transcripts in a foreign language must have a certified English translation.

Pathway Program

For those who have already completed an associate degree from select community colleges, University of Phoenix offers the 3+1 Transfer Pathway Program. This lets students transfer the equivalent of three years of academic progress, or up to 87 credits, towards select bachelor’s degree programs.

National Testing

Students can earn a maximum of 30 credits in transfer credit from various approved national testing exam programs. These programs include Advanced Placement exams (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Excelsior, Berlitz and DANTES (DSST).

Why Transfer Credits to University of Phoenix

When you transfer credits to University of Phoenix, you gain several advantages including:

  • Credit for past academic work
  • Free transcript requests
  • Time saved toward completing a degree
  • Reduced educational costs

Those benefits add up and make credit transfers a smart choice.

About University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix is designed for adult learners. Via online learning programs and in select in-person locations, University of Phoenix students can complete associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs and certificates in many fields of study.

Faculty members at University of Phoenix are practitioners in the courses they teach. Students have access to extensive services including academic support, career services and online library resources to help their degree journey. Classes start regularly to support students with busy personal and professional lives.

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