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Want a truly inviting living room atmosphere? Here are 7 tips 

Whenever you receive guests, you entertain them in your living room. This is the first room that people see when they visit your house. Also, this is where family and friends get together. Hence, it is important to ensure that the living room is well-decorated.

The living room should not only appear aesthetically very appealing but reflect your personality as well. Create a positive impact on your guests with a stunning living room design and make them feel welcome. Mentioned below are 7 tips that will create a truly inviting living room atmosphere:

1. The colour of the paint

The best paint options for the living room are neutral and warm colours. Using faux can give a very interesting look as well. Ensure that the paint colour complements the colour of the other items in the living room. Choosing contrasting colours gives a chic and contemporary appeal.

2. There should be enough space

Whether it is your living room or bedroom, it should not appear very congested or crowded. There should be enough space in the room to move freely. Arrange the furniture pieces in a manner that there is sufficient room for the free flow of traffic. For the corners, you can add plants or sculptures so that they do not appear empty.

3. Select your furniture properly

The prime elements of a living room are its furniture pieces. Hence, it is crucial to choose them after putting some thought into it. Select furniture pieces that will make the living room appear more elegant. Match the colour of the upholstered pieces with the fabric used in the room. Also, ensure that the furniture pieces are not too big for the room. It will make it appear very congested. Similarly, the furniture size should not be too small for the room so that they appear balanced.

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4. Arranging the furniture

Depending on the space available, you should arrange the furniture pieces. There are various types of living room designs like rectangle, triangle, square, octagon, etc. Irrespective of the shape, if you can arrange the bedroom properly and ensure that there is enough room for the smooth flow of traffic, it will appear very elegant. For experimenting, you can choose to position your sofa at different angles.

5. Choose lighting that gives a dramatic effect

Always ensure that the interior design appears well-lit. Poorly lit living room designs appear very dull and uninviting. There are various lighting options available in the market that not only light up the room but enliven it as well. Common options to choose from include pendant lights, track lights, wall lamps, etc. If the living room is big, you can consider installing a chandelier as well. It will easily brighten up the entire room and give the room a regal look. Make sure that you do not place any light near the television.

6. Experiment with different shapes

The shape of every element in the living room will have an impact on the overall living room design. Hence, you should choose shapes that complement each other. For instance, select a rectangular rug with a rectangular sofa. You can also introduce other shapes that will help to balance the look of the room like square throw pillows, sculptures, a round coffee table, and many more.

7. Add a painting to the room

Adding a painting to the living room is a great idea. However, look for a painting that suits the theme of the room and complements other elements. While buying the painting always ensure that is it not too big for the room. In case the painting appears small, a molding frame can be designed to place it. The frame will make the painting appear bigger and well-balanced with the room. Instead of getting one small painting, you can consider hanging a few paintings in a group side by side. Adding a mural is also a great option.

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