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What are a Moodboard and Why Should Designers Do It?

Hello, today we will introduce a story about Moodboard what it is. Why is it important in design? If you see designs around us, including websites, packaging, books, or billboards. 

Benefits of Moodboards  

  1. Moodboard is a collection of ideas

Inspiration before starting to work which will save time especially when you can’t think of anything just look at the website for knowing?

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  1. Help with presentations

Moodboard helps to present the work to customers. Help your clients understand the mood of the job and the way it should be. Avoid misunderstandings between people and customers. Perhaps trying to explain the design concept in words? Customers may not be able to see the picture, which Moodboard will help you a lot.

Techniques for making mood boards

  1. Do it yourself

We will see here how to create mood boards? Moodboards are not practical things just to collect ideas, inspiration; maybe you’re working on branding, or maybe a website. The elements in the design are not the same. Therefore, the elements in the Moodboard are not the same. You will need to include all the elements that will be used in your design. For example, your website design must include colors, text, images. Once you have all the elements in your mood board, they will be visible to your customers. An easy job overview

  1. Add something to it

Maybe the Moodboard has some elements that are not used in your design. But it can only convey the mood of your design more. For example, if you are going to design a warm website. You can try to find images that feel warm like summer photos. People at the summer festival, beer pictures, so when we look at the overall mood board we can get a feel for the event.

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  1. Do more than one

A lot of times when we design work, we come up with a variety of ideas. So doing it all is just another way to get the job done well. Maybe one mood board is a good fit for another. It’s a great way to make several for your customers to choose from.

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  1. Don’t limit yourself

Finding something to express the mood of a Moodboard doesn’t have to be related to the job we’re doing. Food packaging, artwork, which she says we will use to make Moodboard, just let it help guide your design. There is no point

  1. Bring what it was designed to do

Moodboard is what you want it to be. After a brainstorm, one of the ways you can create a Moodboard is to try and put the work elements into the Moodboard, where you can see what’s different. What seems inconsistent for example, there is a Moodboard about website design. He brought down buttons, letters, data formats.

  1. Cover the elements

The best way to make your mood board is to insert elements all the parts in the design go into a mood board to make your customers think you have a good plan for every project. If you look at the example image, you will find that this Moodboard contains all the elements of the work such as font, icon, UI, color, images, menus, and many more. It’s easy to tell how we’ve done the design.

  1. Use a lot of thought

Let’s not block the design ideas that exist within us. Let’s show it off. Maybe Moodboard can help make our work standout such as logo design work as an example Just be attributed to photos that convey the mood we want or put a little bit of thinking algorithm It will increase the value of the work a lot.

  1. Experiment

Moodboards aren’t just for conveying the mood of work. But it’s like experimenting with our ideas. Let’s pick up a bunch of stuff and put this on a mood board. It’s a lot easier than experimenting with a real job because we can see the overview of the work quickly.

  1. Add a description

If you want to show your mood board to your customers in full view, design it and set it up nicely. And it’s important to explain why you chose this mood. Try adding a short descriptive sentence. Make the mood board beautiful.

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