What is a bulldog?

Our beloved and friendly English Bulldog comes from a very dark past. This breed was used by humans for highly undesirable purposes. We will know their horrific origins and how the varieties have evolved (fun) to this day.


Despite multiple studies, the origin of the English Bulldog remains unknown. Virtually all researchers agree that our hero’s ancestors were “Molossois” (Molossians), dog fighters, ancient Greek fighters, and Tibetan Molossians.

The bulldog was used in England in 1955 to fight the Romans. C. tried to invade the British Isles. They were also the protagonists of the fight against Christians, bears, lions and other breeds on the Roman stage.

But it was the bull who gave him his name, his main enemy … Bulldog means “dog for the bull”, not “dog bull”. This battle between dogs and bulls was very popular in 1209.

“Bull-baiting” is a term used to describe the battle between dogs and bulls, and was as widespread as wildfires in ancient England. This cruel hobby was established among workers and miners in certain British regions.

The beginning of this social “entertainment” began in 1209 when Sir Stanford accidentally witnessed the shooting down of a bull by two butcher dogs. From that moment on, the celebration of the annual convention was promoted. These barbaric shows were the beginning of a variety selection. The short legs prevented the dog from being easily thrown into the air, and the “flat” nose and pointing upwards allowed the animal to breathe while preying on the Bulldog Puppies for Sale. The nose was a natural “drain” and the blood of horned animals did not penetrate the bulldog’s eyes. Finally, in 1838, these battles were banned and the varieties experienced an endangered stage.

They continued to participate in fighting dogs and attempts were made to use them as guard dogs and defensive dogs, but their aggression was so extreme that this activity was also dangerous.

Thanks to the interests of people with healthy intentions, like Hill George (again: thank you), the varieties were maintained and their changes were fine-tuned.

Fortunately, the specimens that accompany us today have eliminated almost all unwanted behaviors from their behavior, although the current specimens retain their physical properties. He turned the Roman stage into a carpet, fought bulls for funny attacks on his favorite toys, and attacked people to lick children.

Physical characteristics

Bulldogs are short-haired dogs that are heavy, short, wide, powerful and compact.

Its head is quite large in proportion to its body size and has a wide square bone face. In fact, its face is short from cheekbones to nose, but there is room for an enlarged nose, square chin, and a significant number of skin folds. His round eyes are neither small nor large, but they are far apart from each other and have a very dark color. The English Bulldog’s head-crowning ears are set high, small, and thin.

Its skin is thick, with folds on the face and some folds on the back. This skin is fine-grained, short, fits snugly, and is covered with smooth hair. This is brindle, different shades of red, bay, fawn … white and split (white and the color combination mentioned above).

The hair covers the body with wide breasts, spacious breasts, and clear ribs on the back.

The English Bulldog has a short, rounded tail, no fringes or coarse hair, is set low, sticks out fairly straight and then points down. It’s chunky and durable, but its short legs create short, fast steps at your fingertips. The hind legs do not rise very high and appear to be polishing the ground.


Today’s bulldogs have a radically different personality from their ancestors, but retain certain characteristics, such as opposition to domination and extraordinary resistance to pain. The English Bulldog resting in our house today is affectionate, kid-loving and intelligent.

It gives an impression of determination, strength, and activity. Always vigilant, loyal, addictive, ferocious in appearance, but peaceful and very affectionate.

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