What Kind of Road Conditions Can Lead to Bicycle Accidents in Georgia?

Bicycle riding is a great way to exercise, commute, and have fun with your friends. But you might not know that it is not just the negligence of other motorists and bicycle riders themselves that causes bicycle accidents. In fact, poor road conditions also is a major contributor to the increasing number of bicycle accidents.

You should speak with an attorney today if you have been involved in a bicycle accident in Georgia. Bicycle accidents can lead to serious injuries. Many cyclists and motorists are injured because of poor road conditions.

We will now see into different kinds of road conditions that increase the risk of bicycle accidents.

  • Uneven roads

Uneven roads are very dangerous for cyclists and a contributing factor to most bicycle accidents. The reason is that the road conditions could be very troublesome and slippery at certain times. Also, such road conditions may cause uneven force on your tire while you are cycling. This will then lead to accidents !

  • Unfilled potholes

Unfilled potholes and cracks on the roads may cause you to fall or get injured. The road conditions may cause you to lose your balance and then fall. Also, there are chances of potholes causing a bumpy ride for cyclists. This will lead to injuries, including abrasions and bums on their knees, elbows, and shoulders.

  • Unmarked construction zones

Most people who are on the roads are not careful enough to notice that there is a construction zone ahead. So, if the construction zones are not marked, this could cause accidents. Also, the construction equipment and debris may be scattered around on the roads increasing the risk of accidents bitsandboxes.

  • No bicycle lanes

Many cities do not have bicycle lanes. So, cyclists have to ride on the roads with other vehicles, which increases the risk of accidents. With other vehicles, buses, and trucks on the road, there may be abrupt and unintended lane changes in order to overtake another vehicle. This unnatural maneuver can cause serious accidents and injuries, including head injuries and fatal crashes.

  • Poor traffic signs or signals

Many road signs are not clear and visible, and that may cause accidents. In addition, many road signals are dark and not visible at night which can be dangerous. Also, the traffic signals may be out of order which causes motorists and cyclists to miss their signals which leads to accidents indian news.

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