10 Ways to Use Videos to Bring Your Products to Life

When it comes to videos on Internet, you’ve probably seen tons of amazing creations. From the beautifully produced marketing pieces from companies like Apple and GoPro to viral videos of pets doing silly things on YouTube, you can find it all!

However, creating your own video content can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have the time or resources to create a polished product, especially if you have no experience with movie-making or any other kind of video production. Luckily, though, there are several tools available that allow you to bring your ideas to life easily without breaking the bank. An online video editor that offers various promo video templates may be just what you need.

Here are some ways that you can bring your products to life with video content:

1) Create simple product demos

The first thing you should consider is showing off your products in their best light. This is a particularly helpful strategy for introducing new products or services to current or potential customers. You can also show testimonials from happy customers or create helpful how-to guides. The possibilities are endless, but keep your intended audience in mind as you’re developing your idea so that you don’t overcomplicate things or lose sight of your goal.

Video is an effective way of introducing new products or services, but using’s online video editor can also be a cost-effective solution that saves time while maintaining quality.

2) Create infomercial style videos

Infomercials have been a part of popular culture for decades. From Dr. Scholl’s foot cushions, to a Snuggie in every home, they give everyday people a chance to pitch their products in a captivating and engaging manner. YouTube is a great resource for making your own sales pitch—all you need is an online video editor that helps bring your product concepts from idea to reality with ease.

3) Record tutorials

Instructional videos are fantastic tools for showing your product in action. If you have a physical product, you could shoot short tutorials that show people how to use it. For example, if you sell cameras, you could make a video that shows how they work. People will be able to see your camera in action right away. You can also share these videos on YouTube or embed them on your site so potential customers can learn more about your products.

4) Create explainer videos

Online retailers can improve their brand image by including explainer videos in their product listings. Shoppers are more likely to buy something when they understand about it. So, make a short video explaining how your product works and add it to your product description.

5) Use creative techniques

A great way to make your video stand out is by mixing up techniques. For example, if you’re shooting a whiteboard animation video for a SaaS product, you can also film yourself demonstrating each section or shoot some b-roll of people using your app in action. Similarly, if you are creating an explainer video for a retail brand, take some time and record some men on the street style interviews where people are shown how they use your product.

6) Edit your video quickly

If you have a lot of video clips from interviews, demonstrations, etc., you may want to edit them quickly before uploading them. Rather than jumping into a full-featured editing program right away, try a simpler app that lets you trim and combine your clips quickly and easily. This way you can get started sharing your videos with your audience right away without spending too much time in post-production.

7) Add custom music

A lot of editing tools give you access to custom music tracks. Music is one of those tools that can bring scenes together. So, choose some royalty-free tracks or, even better, use an in-house group with some serious talent! Pro tip: Aim for low-key tracks that blend in without drawing too much attention.

8) Add transitions to smooth out sharp changes in shots

When you’re filming your videos, try to incorporate smooth transitions between cuts. This means that instead of jumping from one point of view directly into another, use a transition. Doing so will make your video much smoother and give it a professional touch.

9) Share on social media

Using social media is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Posting videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is a great way to spread brand awareness. Whether it’s a commercial, an instructional video, or a how-to guide, posting videos on these sites will help drive traffic to your website. And having content readily available on these websites can help customers easily find you when they are looking for something new.

10) Promote your video online and offline

If you have a website, then it’s a good idea to post your video there. It should be easy for users to see your video and play it on a phone or tablet as well as a computer, so optimize for those devices as well. Then promote it online through social media, email marketing, and even search engine optimization. Consider displaying it at all your brick-and-mortar locations as well if possible.

How an Online Video Editor Can Help?

When you want to bring your products to life with video content, an online video editor is a great choice to start. It’s extremely helpful if you have little editing experience or are on a budget. Online tools such as Promo Editor offer ready-made templates that allow you to create stunning videos in minutes. The powerful tools, along with a huge library of royal-free audio, also make showing off your products easier than ever. Then, you can conveniently approach potential customers by sharing your videos on different platforms.

Final Word

The best way to use videos is to keep them as simple as possible. Don’t worry too much about special effects, just try and show what you can in a straightforward manner. The simpler you keep things, the more likely people will remember what they see on video long after they’ve viewed it. This also makes editing easier and faster because you don’t have so much filler footage and information that viewers won’t remember anyway.

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