3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Geocoding

Every business should be on the hunt for the best geocoder. Delaying the search is to your detriment, as geocoding provides a competitive advantage. What if you’re not sure where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about geocoders.

Businesses Use Geocoding Every Day

Geocoding is the standard in many industries since it provides more accurate location data than addresses alone. While addresses have their uses, they vary across postal systems and may be mistyped. Geocoding takes a location and describes it with latitude and longitude coordinates, ensuring precision. These coordinates are always read the same way no matter where you go on Earth.

Geocoding Offers a Range of Benefits

Why does it matter how accurate your location data is? Businesses need reliable information to make decisions and perform daily tasks. Standardizing location data makes it easier and faster to analyze this information.

1. Targeted Customer Marketing

Understanding where customers live is essential to effective marketing. You need to understand consumers’ local offerings to determine if there’s a need for your products; if not, you’ll only waste resources.

2. Accurate Location Information

Most businesses offer delivery, and customers expect to get their packages as soon as possible. If you don’t have accurate location information, you run into issues with lost or returned orders.

3. Saved Money

Geocoding can save you money in several ways:

  • Reduce the number of refunds for undelivered orders
  • Optimize delivery routes for more deliveries and lower gas use
  • Streamline the data entering and verification process

You Can Find the Best Software for Your Company

Reading BatchData reviews can help you find the right software, but you need to figure out your company’s needs first. Different systems have varying strengths, which means some are better suited to specific tasks than others.

How Many Addresses You’ll Process

If you want to record a large number of locations, you’ll need a system that can process them all. Make sure you check if there are any limits on the software you choose.

What Kind of Data You Want To Record

Geocoding can yield a lot of data about locations as well as the exact geographic position. If you want this information, you need a system that has access. You may also need to limit the number of addresses or make do with a slower processing time.

Geocoding Is the Norm in Many Industries

Is geocoding common in your industry? If you work in any following, your competitors likely have geocoding systems already up and running.


Shipping companies and trucking contractors rely on geocoding to track shipments. That way, they’re up-to-date if there’s an issue with road closures or detours.


Crime analysts use geocoding to understand the demographics of locations with high crime rates. Since geocoding provides standardized data, analysts can confidently compare statistics.

Once you have the right geocoding system, you can look into address and phone verification API. This software works in tandem with geocoding to ensure your data is accurate and organized. If you’re interested in taking on larger orders, all three are necessary.

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