5 common worksite injuries and safety tips

With each passing year, hundreds of people in the U.S. fall victim to worksite injuries. Many kinds of injuries can happen at the workplace, costing both employees and the employer time and money. If you or your loved one is a victim, consult an attorney from a top law firm to investigate your case. The attorney will ensure you get the maximum compensation for your damages. Let us look at five common worksite injuries and some safety tips to avoid them.

Slips, trips, and falls: This type of injury accounts for one-third of the injuries at the workplace; it is a common cause in workers’ compensation claims. Neck injuries, head and back injuries, cuts, broken bones, etc., falls under this category.

Safety tip: Proper footwear, quality walking surfaces, and good housekeeping can help to avoid these situations from occurring. Employees should also be encouraged to report any obstruction, clutter, or damage. 

Collisions or crashes: Whether you are working around motor vehicles or driving them, there is always a risk of getting injured in collisions or crashes. The injuries may be caused by falling from a vehicle, being run over by a vehicle, being hit by an object from a vehicle, etc.

Safety tip: While operating any vehicle, make sure you wear the seat belt and take other safety measures properly.

Fire and explosions: Several risks contribute to the occurrence of workplace fires and explosions, such as faulty gas lines, improperly stacked combustible materials, or open flames. The injuries resulting include disfigurement, burns, and damage to the respiratory system. However, this type of injury is uncommon but has the highest casualty rate when occurred.

Safety tip: To avoid these injuries, workers should follow the hazards communication standards, maintain chemical safety data sheets for chemicals, and wear proper PPE.

Exertion and repetitive stress: People who work continuously without breaks get exertion and are prone to injuries. Repetitive stress injuries (RSI), this rapidly growing workplace injury can also cause long term pain and productivity loss.

Safety tip: Ensure to take frequent breaks between work, and employees should also be given ergonomics training.

Struck by moving machinery: Machines that are not properly guarded by a safety hazard to workers. Workers are a risk of getting their body parts stuck in the moving machinery, which can cause serious injuries such as crushed hands, arms, fingers, etc.

Safety tip: Workers should avoid loose clothing, be aware of their surroundings, and wear proper PPE. Machines should also be safeguarded appropriately.

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