5 Stylish Sunglasses to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

A great and long-lasting pair of sunglasses can take you places, quite literally! And while providing your eyes with the much-needed protection from the sun, they also add charm to your appearance. And today, there are numerous designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. So this summer season, gift yourself some of the unique and quirky designs of sunglasses for men. Read on to know the trendiest designs that will win you over!

What Happens When Making These Great Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are protective eyewear explicitly designed to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And since eyes are extremely sensitive to light and radiation, sunglasses have materials that take care of these points. 

Most sunglasses are made of light-filtering lenses and plastic frames to hold them in place. And many of these lenses are built of colourised plastics like polycarbonates. In addition, organic and soluble dyes and metallic oxide pigments in the lens help absorb or reflect the light of some wavelengths. 

According to Australian standards, sunglasses must protect your eyes from UV rays within 280 and 400 nanometres. And the quality control on sunglasses varies largely on the type of material used. And if the manufacturers use an inexpensive plastic material, it will barely last you a while. Meanwhile, many brands and companies have started manufacturing sustainable sunglasses from byproducts including plastic, glass, metal scape, etc. 

Unique Designs for Sunglasses for Men

  • D-Frame 

The D-shape sunglasses are making a massive comeback! And the popularity of this style is the only highlight you must focus on. Thanks to the futuristic feel, its design gives you a masculine appearance when wearing this frame! 

These sunglasses will perfectly compliment your face with their oversized D-shape if you have a round face. 

  • Square Wayfarer

No matter how many trends may take over the sunglasses, a classic will always remain! As such, you’ve probably heard about the classic Wayfarer style, and its popularity is no secret. 

These old-school sunglasses will give you a timeless look! In addition, it’s a very versatile design that complements every face type. 

  • Oversized Aviators

Adding another to the list of classics, oversized Aviators never go out of style! They’re the safest option to go for if you’re wondering which style to choose. And apart from complimenting your face, they perfectly complement your overall look and outfit. 

There have been a few changes in the standard design of Aviators, giving way to oversized Aviators, and they’re all the hype and for all the right reasons!

  • Round Vintage

These retro-inspired sunglasses have been around for the longest time ever! So if you wish to rock a classic look from the 70s or the 90s, these sunglasses are a perfect choice! 

Style them with a quirky look to channel your inner old-school soul. You can never go wrong with this style, as it is specifically designed to make you stand out from the crowd. As such, they’re ideal for gentlemen with narrow, angular, or square facial features. 

  • Go Retro!

Do you remember the era of sunglasses with bold and thick frames? Yeah, they’re back in action and much more popular than before. So when in doubt, go retro! It’s the best advice for all the men out there. 

With new additions to the design, such as a matte frame, these bad boys will work like a charm in enhancing your appearance. 

Sunglasses for men are one of the most important accessories that one can own, while the styles and designs are endless. Additionally, while providing you with an edgy look, they also protect your eyes from UV rays, dirt, and dust. And once you start using sunglasses, there’s no going back. So, choose a style that best suits you and rock a classic look!

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