5 Ways to Figure Out What Ring She Wants Without Asking

Your engagement’s around the corner, but you’re clueless about what to buy. Isn’t that so?

It’s so embarrassing that you do not know what the love of your life will adore on her hands. You don’t even have the courage to voice the concern. Isn’t that so?

Plus, if she realizes you’ve no idea what her engagement ring preferences are, it’ll break her heart. You don’t want that. Do you?

Well, in any case, we’re here to save the day for you. Here, you will find five genius ways to figure what ring your girl would like without asking her.

1. Ask a Close Friend or Family Member

Here’s the most obvious one. But wait – we promised you genius hacks.

The first and plain approach to this method is to directly ask her close family and friends about her likings of a ring. Or if they do not know either, you can team up to find out what sort of engagement rings interests your beloved.

But here’s the second approach: ask close friends and family without them realizing it. How so?

Well, you can have a random chat with them on the subject. Initiate this conversation by complimenting the ring they are wearing. Ask what made them choose it? Or where did they get it? Make a relevant reference to your partners, such as “[Name of your partner] and you have similar tastes, good to know!”

They will correct you or agree, depending on the case. Use this knowledge to navigate your way.

2. Go through the Stack of her Jewels

When your partner is out for lunch or work, go browse her dresser or jewelry box. Check out the types of rings she likes to wear. Chances are her favorite ring stone’s cuts, and shapes will be in abundance.

Click a picture of her rings or slide one in your pocket (if there are many!). It’ll come in handy when you visit the shop and place your final order.

3. Stalk her Social Media accounts

According to ring engagement experts, men can find the most useful information about ring preferences from a woman’s social accounts. Women tend to share a lot about their style preferences on their socials. Perhaps, via a tweet, an Instagram post, or comments on a friend’s outfit.

If she doesn’t share directly on her social media, check the pages she has liked or the people she follows. Study their style, and you’ll get a lead.

4. Observe What She Gets Excited About

When you head out to actual engagement ring vendors (be it online or physical), you will have to choose from many different options like Onyx engagement rings, Sapphire, or Alexandrite engagement rings

Recollecting your memory, you may feel like your significant other might just pick each stone here.

It can get tough. We know.

So, we recommend going the extra mile and closely observing what excites her for at least a month before shopping. Observe the colors that make her happy. Note the shows she watches. Check out her favorite celebrities.

All of these will give you a lead: her vibe in jewels.

If her likings are more towards the traditional or vintage side, she might like stones like ruby and onyx. She might like round brilliant cuts. But if she likes vibrant and glamorous stuff, she might prefer ovals, cushion cuts, etc.

5. Take her for Pretend Gift-Shopping

Lastly, pull the pretend-play. Take her to a mall, saying you’ve to buy a present for a friend, sister, or your aunt, and ask her if she could help pick a ring.

When you’re in the shops, let her casually browse and closely observe what catches her eye. Or if there’s she tries herself.

Final Words

The engagement ring is going to speak volumes about your dedication to your girl. So ensure that you leave no room for mistakes. Do all that you have to pick the right stone and cut! Good luck!

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