7 Zodiac Signs With The Highest Sex Drives As Per Astrology

What zodiac sign has the best sex drive? Undeniably, this is the most free astrology question asked. When it comes to turning up the heat in the bed, our libido can also be guided by the stars. Although all the signs enjoy sexual activity, their intimate connections and need for physical touch are directed by their astrological replacement.

Your zodiac sign can open divine truths about everything from your personality, friendships, finances to your sex life. And here it did as we found out the 7 most kinkest zodiac signs of them all.


Scorpios are known for their high sex drive. And the fact that it’s no hidden fact, they may even want to get themselves a nazar evil eye to ensure they don’t lose their super power. Scorpios are sensual because they love experimenting. However, most of the time, they are very selective and have high standards, thus need someone who will match their sexual and emotional intensity. They can also be very controlling in bed, but it is something that you would like.


Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of action. Therefore, Aries usually thinks about all the action they can have on the bed. Their sex drive is relatively high as they like to explore the genre. For them, sex is as natural as breathing. They are in sex to esnure that the other person keeps wanting for more.


Venus rules Taurus and Venus is ruled by love. Romance and sex for Taurus is a two way road. Their sex drive will either last all night or they would simply want to cuddle you and spend the night away. Taurus loves passion in bed and is more of a giver than a taker.


You may need to buy love spell to keep the romance alive with pisces, but you won’t need any such tricks when you need sex from them. Selfish Pisces? Maybe. Pisces love sexual experiences, and they like to escape from reality for a bit and enjoy their orgasmic experience. However, they don’t like to stick around much with a person until they don’t get a different vibe from them.


The fiery lion sign loves the attention, especially in the bedroom. If they find someone who treats them like a king of the jungle in the bed, then their libido will be through the roof. Leos know how to keep their partner’s zodiac drive high as they are very lustful and self–absorbed.


Fiery and flirtatious Sagittarius loves to have sexual experiences for fun. Their sex drive is usually high, but it is not sustainable. They usually do not involve a lot of emotions while having sex. For them, nightstand is never off the table. They are very energetic and independent in bed.


Cancers’ sex drive is relatively high. It comes naturally to them but takes time to trust. The more intimate bonding they have with their partner, the better they can expose themselves. They are nurturing and connective and thus prefer meaningful sexual contact rather than just a one-time thing.

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