Premier League 2023/24: Can Man City Be Toppled Or Will Their Reign Continue?

We’re already 2 months in the Premier League which kicked off on August 11, 2023. As early as now, people are already talking about which team will champion the season, and Manchester City is one of the favorites of not only fans but even bookmakers out there.

As of writing (Aug. 21), Man City has already played 5 matches and won all of them. They’re on top of the latest Premier League ladder with 15 points followed by Tottenham, Liverpool, and Arsenal, all with 13 points.

With many already favoring the Sky Blues, will they win this Premier League and be the first club to secure four league titles in a row? Let’s have a look at the latest odds.

Manchester City’s Reign

Manchester City’s recent dominance in the Premier League has been nothing short of remarkable. They’ve won a total of five Premier League titles, and the last four have been consecutive championships.

The last year has surely been great for the team because aside from the championship-winning streak, they also triumphed in the FA Cup against their rivals, the Red Devils. They also got the Champions League Title which was probably the most exciting not only for the club but also for their fans.

Under the astute leadership of their manager and with a star-studded squad, they’ve set new standards for excellence in English football. Their title-winning campaigns have showcased not only their technical brilliance but also their resilience and adaptability.

Manchester City Winning Odds

Looking for the latest odds from any Premier League betting site? We’ve checked different places to give you different odds from popular bookmakers.

Here are the latest odds from BetMGM:

  • Man City -150
  • Arsenal +450
  • Liverpool +800
  • Manchester United +1000
  • Chelsea +1200
  • Newcastle +1600
  • Spurs +4000
  • Brighton +5000
  • Aston Villa +12500

Meanwhile, here are the Premier League winner odds on Bet365:

  • Manchester City -250
  • Arsenal +700
  • Liverpool +700
  • Tottenham +2500
  • Brighton & Hove +3300
  • Newcastle United +5000
  • Manchester United +8000
  • Chelsea +8000
  • Aston Villa +20000
  • West Ham +25000
  • Brentford +50000
  • Crystal Palace +100000
  • Nottingham Forrest +100000
  • Wolverhampton +150000
  • Fulham +150000
  • Bournemouth +200000
  • Burnley +250000
  • Everton +300000
  • Sheffield United +450000
  • Luton +450000

Other Favorites to Win the 2023/24 Premier League

While Manchester City’s odds of winning the 2023/24 Premier League season are favorably positioned at -150 (BetMGM), indicating their status as the frontrunners, the world of football has a long history of producing unexpected twists and underdog triumphs.

In the Premier League, every season brings forth its share of surprises, and these are the other top contenders poised to challenge City’s dominance.

  1. Arsenal – Arsenal is viewed as a strong contender to disrupt Manchester City’s reign. The Gunners boast a rich history and have been steadily strengthening their squad. It could be Mikel Arteta’s appointment that’s surprisingly working well for the team since they’ve been performing excellently recently.
  2. Liverpool – The Reds have also tasted recent Premier League success and possess a dynamic team led by top-class talents like Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez, and Roberto Firmino. Liverpool’s attacking prowess and never-say-die attitude make them a perennial threat.
  3. Manchester United: Manchester Utd, a club synonymous with success, is determined to reclaim its glory. They have surely invested heavily in their squad and managerial setup. They have a new manager (Eric Ten Hag) which also seems to have triggered better performance from the team.
  4. Chelsea: Despite how chaotic the last year has been for the team, Chelsea fans are still looking at the latest campaign with optimism. Chelsea’s manager Mauricio Pochettino seems to have sparked the hopes of many when it comes to how the club will do this year.

Take a look at the top four betting odds for this year’s Premier League according to BetMGM:

  • Man City -3000
  • Arsenal -225
  • Liverpool -190
  • Manchester United -138
  • Chelsea +138
  • Newcastle +150
  • Spurs +333
  • Brighton +550
  • Aston Villa +750
  • West Ham +2000


It will be interesting to see how long Manchester City will be able to hold on to their latest winning streak.

If they do and they continue to sit on top of the ladder, winning their fourth championship in a row will be a monumental event not only in the club’s history but also throughout the history of English football.

Pep Guardiola, the team’s manager, has said that winning the Premier League is most important for them this year. It will be a challenge, but if they’re able to do it, it will be their most satisfying win.

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