A Brief Guide to Online Casinos in Kuwait

Although in large parts of the Middle East gambling including online play is banned, there are workaround players can deploy. So if you’re there on business or as a resident, you can still enjoy a night’s play without risk of comebacks from the authorities. This is one of the reasons VIPArabClub is popular with players in that region.

Workarounds for Online Gaming

One of the reasons it is still possible to play online is that many online casino sites are regulated in Malta, specifically by the Maltese Gambling Authority. Malta’s regulations are lax compared to other regions and the tax laws are more favourable than many countries in the West. As such, when combined with a payment platform such as Skrill and a means of masking your IP address such as a VPN, it becomes possible to play no matter where you are in the world including the Middle East.

Online Casinos in Kuwait

As the market is strong in the Middle East it is no surprise there is plenty of competition where online casinos in Kuwait are concerned. This choice is welcome as you now can weigh up aspects such as customer service and bonuses. With this in mind, let’s look a little deeper at the Kuwait casino scene.


Bonuses are important to any online gaming player and so these should be checked out thoroughly. They normally take two forms initially. Free spins for slot games and deposit match bonus up to a certain amount for casino and sports betting.

For the latter, here’s an example. You deposit $100 and the bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus up to $500. So the casino adds $100 to your $100 giving you $200 to bet. The aspect to look at here, however, is the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are the amount you have to wager before you can withdraw winnings. So if the wagering requirement is 10x and we take our example above, you have to wager $1000 ($100 x 10) before you can withdraw. The wagering requirement is applied to the match deposit bonus amount. As such, you have to weigh up each bonus carefully.

Incidentally, slot bonuses may take the form of 20 free spins in a 24 hour period for example.

Get in the habit of checking wagering requirements before play to make sure they are suitable for your circumstances.

Offers and Loyalty Programmes

As well as welcome bonuses casinos want to retain your custom so offer loyalty programmes and special offers.

Offers normally apply to big table game tournaments and sporting events. They normally come with their own terms and conditions that apply should you claim the offer so review with care. They may for example offer you a free bet in a sporting tournament where you have to bet a minimum amount within a timeframe. Again, often whether you go for it will be down to your personal circumstances.

Customer Service

Any online casino with poor customer service won’t be in business very long. The fact is that seasoned pros won’t play in a casino that has a reputation for shoddy or hard to contact customer service. It is a simple fact that at some point you’re going to have to sort out a problem with the online casino and as such, good customer service is the only way to go. When you check reviews pay attention to the customer service aspect.


Before you play and part with cash, you should check casino reviews thoroughly. Any review that is too good or too bad is probably fake, so look at ones that are less than the maximum but greater than the minimum stars. This will give you a good picture of whether you should be playing in that casino.

If reviews are predominantly bad you want to look elsewhere, good reviews, however, make the casino a winner.

Must Have Aspects for a Kuwait Casino

As well as reviews online including social media ensure that you review the casino site itself. Things to look for include:

  • Tech – Is it using state of the art audited technology?
  • Licensing – Does it have one? As discussed this will predominantly be in Malta where most online casinos are licensed.
  • User interface– Does it look professional and is the UX easy and intuitive or is it rubbish?
  • Does it have the gaming you want?– This sounds obvious but if you’re looking for live play poker make sure that game is facilitated. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to miss certain features.
  • Bonuses & odds– Ensure they have plenty of them and make sure they are competitive.

Remember that online casinos are a big money maker, and it is a highly competitive industry. So where you play should be the best offering on the market. So review and examine with care and you’ll be rewarded with the best casino experience possible.

Good hunting and good luck.

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