Basic Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Meat Mincer Machine

Are you in the food industry? and you are looking for tools to make work easy? Or do you own a butcher and can’t seem to decide the right appliance for you? Fear, not today we will be discussing a crucial element that is a must-have within such a venture, a meat grinding machine.

A meat mincer is a device used to grind the meat into finer pieces. Its mainly found in butchers or used in various restaurants to prepare numerous meals. This machine is crucial since the production of meat highly depends on the kind of processing equipment used. This simply means a chef or a butcher needs to know the type of equipment being used to gain a certain result.

Below we will be discussing various aspects to consider before purchasing a meat mincer machine. Essentially a meat mincer guide book.

Type of Meat Mincer

Knowing the kind of meat mincer machine to use is often the first aspect to account for. There are essentially two types; manual and electrical. Electric meat mincers have superior capabilities compared to manual. They are widely adopted and are automated requiring minimum human intervention. This also means that they are more expensive and come in different varieties.

Manual meat mincers are generally smaller and can be used domestically or in relatively smaller butcher shops. They are less complicated since it just requires you to turn a wheel to grind the meat.

Quantity of Meat to Grind

The amount of meat that needs to be ground should be factored in. The quantity directly determines the size and the amount of power used by the device. This directly affects a meat mincer machine price in Kenya, since the larger the size the more expensive the device will be. More so large manual meat grinders are scarce hence it forces a customer to opt for an electric one. So when searching for the right grinder it is best to factor in how much meat you intend to process.

Power Consumption

The amount of power used by the machine to operate. This essentially needs to be accounted for when determining the long-term costs of using the machine. Depending on the workload some machines generally use more power as compared to others. It is also determined the amount of meat that can be ground per hour. The higher the rate the more power it consumes which increases the cost.

Ease of Use

This fact heavily determines the overall efficiency of the machine. Having a complex meat grinder is generally hectic and takes time before fully grasping its functionalities. This in turn reduces the efficiency of the device and also affects the productivity of the whole operation. It raises the question of whether manual machines are more efficient than electric machines. Both types differ in terms of usability but in terms of user-friendliness manual often has an upper hand.


This is essentially the duration in which the grinder can serve you after purchasing it. Just like estimating power consumption, durability affects the cost of a meat mincer machine long term. Most quality grinders often have aluminum bodies that generally last longer and are sturdy.


The above factors are few but are crucial when it comes to selecting the right meat mincer machine and can aid you to acquire a specific type and model. For more about bone cutter machines, check here.

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