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Banarasi is not a fabric but a genuine artefact. Golden threads have been wrapped in silk fabric, amazingly describing the most exciting story of the pure city Banaras.

Banarasi is popularly known as the wedding saree, and each woman’s pride purchases it. But gradually, with the low-quality substitute of the machine-made Banarasi, the real Banarasi disappeared. But you can get the post features of a pure Banarasi saree online.

Whenever one talks about the Banarasi saree, it surely lights up the mood of women, in the best way possible. We all know that women love saree, but there is something extra-special about Banarasi sarees

Nowadays, Banarasi has made a fantastic comeback, and each celebrity is spotting this fabric item. Whether it is to attend a wedding ceremony or enjoying some festivals, Banarasi has taken place in the heart of every woman. Maximum Indian designers are promoting this by working a fabric work on it.

This blog is totally about giving light to that rich traditional saree and the reason for what each Diva needs to own. If you are willing to purchase an online Banarasi saree, you have to know the main features of this saree by which you can easily recognize the real one.

Main Features of Banarasi Saree

Banarasi is made of finely woven silk and nicely decorated with the intricate designs by Zari; this ornamentation makes this saree very heavy and gives an old and traditional look. The attractive characteristics are Mughal-inspired elements like intricate foliate and floral motifs, like bel and kalga. These sarees are woven on a conventional handloom of Banaras.

A traditional Banarasi saree can take about a few days to a few months to complete the making process. This weaving brocade needs excellent knowledge, skill, effort, and time to increase with complexity in the designs. More elaborate weaving is much more expensive.

The leading community of weavers has remained under considerable pressure. The authentic and attractive Banarasi uses the purest and natural form of Zari and silk yarns. We know today that the pure zari is much more expensive than others with new-age Banarasi.

The handwoven Banarasi still is considered an epitome of a sublime craft of Banarasi weaving. For beginners, a concept of the handlooms in the whole universe of wealthy Indian weaves includes the Banarasi. This may be the attribute to times, especially when the regal queen searching never-ago, the plush fabrics would put with a couturier and become involved in the fabric weaving from the early stage till when the final ensemble was made.

Best online sites for Banarasi sarees:

One can look out for Banarasi Sarees on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra for some of the best quality and cost-effective Banarasi saree prices available.


So why are you waiting? With the help of this blog, you can recognize a Banarasi saree easily. And also, you can make your evening memorable by giving you a beautiful touch. Banarasi saree can give you a modern look with a traditional touch. You can get a lot of websites to check your search out. You can get a variety of modern and authentic Banarasi online.

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