A relatively new sport in India, Paragliding is now developing into an incredibly popular sport for adventure enthusiasts in India. Amazing paragliding spots are abundant all over India, with high mountains and cliffs that adorn the country across its length. The Himalayas located in the North is believed to be the “seat of paragliding in India.

There is a variety of world-class sites like Bir Billing Rishikesh and Solang Valley as some of the top places to visit within The Northern mountains. Paragliding within India is a totally controlled sport that can be enjoyed by complete novices as well.

1. Bir Billing: Bir Billing is the most prominent place to go paragliding throughout India. The sport’s popularity in this region has earned the tiny town the status of”the Paragliding Capital of India.

Beginning from the Dhauladhar mountain range, paragliding at Bir Billing provides unbeatable and breathtaking views of the area’s mountains. The tandem paragliding flights in Bir Billing last approximately 20 minutes. The sport itself is guided and is accessible to novices as well.

2. Solang Valley: One of the most popular adventure sports locations located in Himachal Pradesh, Solang Valley offers a variety of activities, including paragliding, which is one of the most thrilling activities. There are two jump points located in Solang Valley- a lower stage for the novice as well as less experienced paragliders, and the higher level is for experienced paragliders with the activity.

Paragliding tandem lessons are provided to those who are new to paragliding during the summer and winter months. Paragliding is available in Solang Valley generally remains closed in monsoons and is only available from October through May. Check in our Thrillophilia Reviews section to know more about Solang Valley paragliding packages.

3. Jodhpur: The Jodhpur region is a great place to take a break in the scenery, go into Jodhpur within Rajasthan and test your skills at paragliding in this. In Jodhpur, this sport is provided as a fully guided experience and with a professional pilot waiting to guide you through the course.

Attached to a paraglider’s wing and a wing, the paraglider flies over the ground at an altitude of more than 800 meters and enjoys stunning bird’s-eye views of the magnificent city that is sprawled below. In Jodhpur, you can go paragliding all year round, with a variety of time slots available throughout the day.

4. Kamshet: It is a place that is blessed with high hills. Paragliding around Kamshet can be a sight-seeing experience. There, one can select from a wide range of paragliding experiences, including tandem paragliding and Acro paragliding.

The former option is better for novices and first-time paragliders. Experienced adventurers may go for the latter too. Paragliding sessions last from 8 and 20 minutes, with the duration varying according to the kind of experience that you go for. It is also possible to record their experience on video and take it home to keep as a souvenir. If you are planning a tour with kamshet, be sure to look over the review of Thrillophilia and read more about the packages available.

5. Panchgani: Nestled by the Tibetan plateau, Paragliding in Panchgani is a thrilling experience with an array of breathtaking views. The guided experience is available in three varieties of Tandem Paragliding, Instructional Paragliding as well as Acro Paragliding. Tandem paragliding requires a pilot who teaches basic flying techniques and is the ideal option for people just starting out.

For instruction in paragliding, the fliers can manage and steer their own flight. Acro paragliding can be described as a pilot-led adventure that involves more advanced techniques. There are a variety of paragliding spots that are located in Panchgani, including Bhilar, Tapola and Khingar being just a few of them.

6. Rishikesh: As the capital of adventure in India, Rishikesh falls among the top destinations for paragliding in the nation. Paragliding at this hill station offers the additional advantage of stunning Himalayan views. As you fly over 1500 feet above the surface, you can enjoy views of the snow-capped peaks which overhang them.

Paragliding in this area comes in three different forms: Kitty Hawk, Explorer and Valley Expedition, Each offering its own unique, thrilling experience. It is also possible to capture their experience in a video at an additional fee.

7. Nainital: Nainital is the city of lakes. Paragliding in Nainital provides breathtaking aerial views of the beautiful nature of Nainital. Starting at Nainital’s Emerald Trail, the flight takes off over Bhimtal Valley, with meadows and lakes that pass through below.

As the paraglider flies at an altitude of more than 3000 feet, the pilot is greeted with a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. The pilot is an experienced pilot and guide who instructs passengers on the essential guidelines and rules. Paragliding at Nainital is heavily dependent on weather conditions and could be at risk of cancellation during unfavourable conditions.

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