Bangalore is an impeccable city and is also known as the IT hub of India. The city is home to some of the finest medical minds and hospitals and provides a decent living standard. People who have lived here from the beginning cannot envision moving anywhere else because the city is packed with the most acceptable benefits. Similarly, Manyata tech park houses some of the biggest companies in the city and is a dream location. It is a luxury to find a house in this area. Apartments in Thanisandra are marvellous with a penchant for luxury. Its finesse has attracted numerous people here over the years. Imagine having the best of both worlds at your disposal; a stunning house situated in a prime location. What more could a person ask for? It offers all the top-notch amenities like terraces, playgrounds, in-house gym, running track etc. When a person is looking to acquire a new home, having these facilities can be a complete game-changer. It can tip the scales in the houses’ favour. Apart from being practical, apartments in Thanisandra are also a visual treat. They are minimal, extensive and beautifully built.


Manyata tech park is a well-known software technology park that operates in North Bangalore close to the outer ring road and Thanisandra main road. People wish to live there because it is located at a prime spot that harbours employment opportunities and presents marvellous homes. You can find houses of different sizes and amenities in this area. The residential areas surrounding Manyata tech park are ample. They have moderate lifestyle offerings and decent employment opportunities as well. Bangalore’s other desirable residential areas are Zenith residences, Karle Town Centre, Mantri Energia, Assetz Here and No, Arvind Sporcia, etc.

The infrastructure benefits of Manyata tech park have compelled people to move here. It has excellent connectivity through some of the most prominent areas of Bangalore, connecting Manyata tech park to the international airport. Residents of Bangalore are no strangers to the city’s lofty traffic situation. It takes hours to reach the airport, which feels like it’s situated in a different town altogether. Manyata tech park being closer to the airport gives it a significant leg up above all else. It also has a metro station that is close to the airport. This will further speed up the process and make travel more accessible. However, the metro is still under construction and will become usable by the year 2023.

People residing with their kids and planning on extending their families one day can reap benefits from buying a house in this area. It is close to reputed schools like Vidya Niketan, Singhi High school, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, and others. Hallowed medical centres also surround it. Indians traverse to Bangalore in cardiologists. The city is known for its medical experts in this field and many others. The most significant offerings are the employment opportunities and IT companies in this area. Some of the more prominent names are Nokia, Microsoft, L&T and many others.

These are the most significant considerations made by families before acquiring a home. Manyata tech park caters to the most rudimentary needs and facilitates decent living standards.


Hence, people have shown an increased inclination to live in Manyata Tech Park.

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