Coffee And Coffee Beans Have Changed The World

Oh, the humble seed that has made the world a better place, well at least for our family it has, with all the early mornings and running around I am not sure how we would have survived without it. But we are getting ahead of ourselves because although this is a seed that is derived from the Coffea plant and found in the heart of the plant’s fruit known as the coffee cherry, it has a lot more to it than that.

We think it is as simple as getting the seeds, grinding them up, and voila we have a steaming cup of wake-me-up and go, but alas like with all quality products their finesse takes time. And thankfully so because like the old saying goes, all good things come to those who wait, and we can all say confidently that there is nothing better than a hot cup of a creamy coffee on a crisp morning.

Start to finish.

So how do we get this wonder plant and make it into our morning necessity? Well, there are few methods, so let’s take a quick look at the top processing options.

  • This is the oldest method of the bunch and essentially the most difficult to control as it requires the coffee cherries to lay in the sun and ferment, and once that is complete the fruit pulp is removed. The beans naturally absorb the sugar in the fruit giving them a sweeter element.
  • This technique involves removing the fruit before the beans have a chance to ferment, it is a cleaner method and offers consistency in the flavor and quality of the bean.
  • The best of both worlds, and a wise choice of the above two options. Only some of the beans have the fruit removed thus the combination at the end gives a sweeter and cleaner tasting flavor, win-win.Read More About: filmy4wep

The process is technically more in-depth, see this link for added information, but the basics are outlined and give a good idea of what is all entailed. Once the beans are ready they are sent for roasting which results in the deep, almost burnt (but not) aroma, and then brewed for a sweet-tasting cup of freshly ground coffee.

Why do people enjoy coffee?

Anywhere you go in the world you will most likely see someone walking around with a cup of brew in a takeaway cup, or cafes lining the streets with couples and families sitting and enjoying the scenery and passersby while enjoying their version of the coffee bean. This booming industry has seen coffee being incorporated into some of the top films and makes for iconic scenes we won’t soon forget.

It brings people a sense of comfort and relaxation as the warm liquid flows down their throats warming their bodies, and as they begin to tackle the day the tasks seem that much more bearable. The caffeine gives them a boost and renewed sense of energy for the day ahead, particularly popular with early morning commuters and shift workers.

The social aspect of it has also blossomed in the past decade with coffee shops buzzing with the atmosphere of people chatting, friends meeting and catching up, and staff on lunch trying to take a moment’s breather from the never-ending deadlines at the office. Coffee offers something for everyone no matter what situation you find yourself in.

What works for you?

With all that being said, and it is all good and well to drink coffee, but making sure you find the perfect cup for you is essential to starting the day right. Making coffee at home is as natural as brushing your teeth but if you haven’t got the right product you are setting yourself up for one long day.

Companies such as who not only pride themselves in a quality product but who understand the need for a good cup of coffee at any time of the day is a great option to begin your essential coffee guide browsing and to find a product suited to your lifestyle.

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Mother Nature has grown this unique flower with seeds that essentially fuel our lives, and who are we to deny our use of natural ingredients? Enjoy quality coffee and start the day on the right foot.

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