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Design an Impermeable House With Porcelain Tiles

Experiencing confusion while choosing the right tile for flooring and the walls? Do not worry! Read this article and select the best options available in the market.

Numerous Australian households prefer porcelain tiles to cover walls and floors. One of the main reasons is the heat and the moisture they experience on the coasts of Australia. During summers, the average temperature can go higher than 30°C (86°F)  and the humidity spike up to 65%. The characteristics of these tiles, being dense, water-resistant and impermeable, making them the perfect options for Australian homes. 

What Makes Porcelain Stand Out?

 Manufacturers design these tiles using clay flaming at around 2300-2400°F. Therefore, it is also known as ‘high-fire’ material tile. These tiles are sturdier than ceramic as they are manufactured at high temperatures. They also can hold out against numerous elements. Because of this, builders use them to fashion secure and beautiful outdoor flooring. The finalised porcelain material is heavy and hard, just like stones. But the detectable difference is that stones are porous, whereas these tiles do not contain pores. This feature enables them to safeguard homes against humidity and moisture. 

These Tiles Also Come In A Few Types

Depending on the utility and the localisation of the tile, one can decide which type of tile they require. The unparalleled versatility and functional features allow builders to utilise them in multiple spaces. As not all porcelain has the same characteristics, it is imperative to choose them cautiously. 

Floor Tiles 

They are most popular because of their water-resistant and pet-proof characteristics. They are also indestructible. Porcelain flooring tiles are available in various flooring designs, allowing the owners to choose the tiles which match their kitchen or bathroom interiors. 

Wall Tiles

Want tiles in bathrooms or showers? These tiles are perfect, as they are completely watertight. Homeowners can even install an aesthetically fun wall in their living room using these tiles. Interestingly, these tiles can impersonate wood or stone with life-like visuals, making them the perfect choice for wall installations. 

Mosaic Wall Tiles 

Small pieces of porcelain are laid to create mosaic tiles and put down in patterns or designs with a mesh backing for their installation process. Those who want to decorate their kitchen or accent feathers in shower rooms can choose these types of tiles for their walls. It is because all mosaic tiles are very imposing in their designs. 

Now, How Are They Different from Ceramic Tiles? 

Manufacturing Process

Porcelain and ceramic tiles look very similar, but they differ in their features. Ceramic tiles have natural red, brown, and white clay as their raw materials. In these tiles as well, initially, manufacturers flame white clay at a high temperature to reduce the water content present in the clay. Later they glaze the selected pattern on them. Porcelain tiles are heavier and harder, while ceramic tiles are dense and are lighter when compared to their porcelain counterparts.

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It is difficult to distinguish the two correctly, at first glance, as they have a similar appearance in colours and patterns. So, the difference here is that one can see the colours throughout the body in porcelain ones. In contrast, ceramic tiles have patterns or colours imprinted on the surface with a layer of glaze for protection. For instance, one cannot notice the difference when there is chipping in porcelain. But the difference is evident by colour and surface appearance with ceramic tiles. 


While comparing the costs of both tiles, ceramic tiles are more budget-friendly. Porcelain tiles take more time to manufacture than ceramic tiles. But since they have better durability, they give scope for savings.

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