Difficulties Faced by Senior Year Nursing Students: How to Overcome Them

The nursing profession is not for people with weak hearts. However, it is a very rewarding career because you have the opportunity to help your community and patients. Moreover, the profession offers a decent salary and steady employment prospects. Compared to other degree programs offered at colleges and universities, nursing is particularly unique since you are contributing your practical knowledge and experience to this field. It enables you to take control of a patient’s health and life.

When you work in the nursing field, you may wonder why there are only 24 hours in a day given the variety of duties you need to perform. The nursing profession enables you to learn how to administer medicines that, if provided incorrectly, can be harmful. Additionally, you gain knowledge on how to conduct physical examinations and rescue a patient, which aids in the development of the ability to think critically. Senior nursing students have faced difficulties throughout their academic careers. Which ones are now the most significant, and how can they be overcome? Following are the tips to overcome difficulties faced by senior nursing students.

1. Organize Your Study Group And Create An Effective Study Plan

A different method of reviewing material than just looking through small note cards is to participate in a study group. Conducting study sessions in groups at the end of every week will allow all the members to share notes, and practice nursing questions that might be challenging to answer by themselves. In a nursing program, having friends and study groups to create an effective study plan is crucial for both social support and academic success. On the other hand, there are multiple study applications that can help you in your nursing program as your academic support. Similarly, you can access the Osmosis App on the Play Store to help you not only in improving your academic performance but also in providing valuable resources for senior-year nursing students.

2. Recap The Class After It Has Ended

If you are someone who holds on to studying till the very last minute before a test or exam then forget about getting high grades and qualifying for critical licensure exams. You can help yourself by skimming through the most significant part of your course material right after the class has ended. In this way, you can make a list of relevant topics needed to pass your nursing exams. Studying a night before exams will not fill your study gaps but widen them. After the lecture, glancing through your notes is a fantastic way to repeat everything you learned. You can also highlight any areas that you still don’t understand so you can ask the instructor for an explanation.

3. Maintain Calmness In The Face Of Stress, Anxiety, And Uncertainty

The senior year students mostly express concern over their current situation and link their stress to the uncertainty of the future. Most students feel concerned about the ambiguity surrounding their educational and employment goals. Avoid becoming so involved in nursing education that you neglect to develop contact with individuals who wish to support you along your path to success. Schedule periodic meet-ups and encourage conversations with your loved ones. Make use of your social and familial networks to keep you optimistic and stress-free.

4. Don’t Forget To Eat Right And Nourish Yourself To Avoid Sleep Disorder

Last but not least, sleeping disorders and poor meal routines are other challenges faced by many senior year nursing students. The majority of nursing students admitted to having insomnia. A key element of lowering stress is eating healthfully. Although it might be challenging to eat healthily while in nursing school since a lot of anxiety might lead to overeating and harmful snacking. You should think of healthy nutrition as an investment in your future as a nurse. Therefore, start by planning a healthy meal that should include vegetables and avoid potato snacks.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, pursuing your career in the nursing sector is quite difficult. The level of study you must complete may feel impossible if you’re juggling your nursing courses with your family and job obligations. It is possible to finish the nursing program successfully with a strategy, some helpful learning advice, and an overall study plan. Take the initiative to follow your ambitions and get the Osmosis App on Play Store to help you along the way.

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