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Discovering your entrepreneurial attributes


Business founders are frequently characterized as people who are bursting with new ideas, highly enthusiastic, hyperactive and insatiably curious. But the more you try to create a clear picture of the typical small business founder, the fuzzier that picture becomes. In reality, the most reliable indicator that a person is likely to start a business is that he has a parent or sibling who runs a business – such people are highly likely to start businesses themselves.

That being said, commentators generally accept some fairly broad characteristics as desirable, if not mandatory. Check whether you recognize yourself in the following list of entrepreneurial traits.

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Accepting of uncertainty

An essential characteristic of someone starting a business is a willingness to make decisions and to take risks. This doesn’t mean gambling on hunches. It means carefully calculating the odds and deciding which risks to take and when to take them.

Driven to succeed

: Business founders need to be results oriented. Successful people set themselves goals and get pleasure out of trying to achieve them as quickly as possible and then move on to the next goal. This restlessness is very characteristic

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Don’t confuse hard work with long hours. At times an owner-manager has to put in 18-hour days, but that shouldn’t be the norm. Even if you do work long hours, as long as you enjoy them, that’s fine. Enthusiasts can be very productive. Workaholics, on the other hand, have a negative, addictive, driven quality where outputs (results) are less important than inputs. This type of hard work is counterproductive.Read more about: pagalworld

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