Factors that you need to know about the peanut butter making machine

Peanut butter is among the most widely known, delectable, and nutritious butters in history. In this article, we’ll look at factors determining the prices of these peanut making machines.

Peanut butter is considered to be in the category of super foods. Based on research, numerous Kenyans have embraced healthy living. As a result, peanut butter has gained popularity across the nation.

Various steps are involved before you get refined peanut butter. The

A peanut butter grinder grinds and mixes the nuts at a very high speed. The electric motor is the engine that drives the whole grinder. You put your raw peanuts in the machine’s hopper.

This machine has two grinding discs that work in tandem, one at high speeds and the other at rest. The raw peanuts enter the machine and are crushed to form a paste in the space between the machines.

Depending on the quality of peanut butter you need; you will choose to remove the final product either at the coarse grinding stage, fine grinding stage or ultra-fine grinding stage.


  • All manufacturers seek a peanut butter machine that can process up to 40 to 50 kilos of peanuts per day and produce the product in the shortest amount of time.
  • Longevity (stainless steel) ensures that rust does not eat away at the machine over time.
  • Its 220v plus power makes it an extremely efficient machine.

Factors that affect the machine’s price

There are several factors that influence the peanut butter machine price in Kenya. A fully automated peanut butter machine will be more expensive when compared to a manual one.Let us look at a few of these determinants;


The price of a machine is also heavily influenced by its capacity. The device’s ability to handle commercial workloads will require you to spend significantly more money than when purchasing a domestic machine. A commercial machine will have a higher wattage and will require more electricity.

Motor force

Smooth butter from nuts requires a machine that can spin and cut peanuts into fine particles. To cut the nuts, the blades must be powerful. This power is supplied by the motor. A good motor is required to make proper peanut butter. A 400-600 watt motor is typically sufficient.


The quantity of peanut butter you can make at once is determined by the volume of the device’s bowl. Based on how much peanut butter is required, you can choose between a large bowl that produces so much peanut butter to serve clients and the smaller bowl that generates peanut butter for personal use.


Finally, many factors influence the prices in the country. Some includethe capacity, space, and motor. So, when you’re ready to purchase the peanut butter machine, make sure you buy a device that will serve the purpose so that you do not waste money and space on a machine that won’t fit your needs.

Moreover, if you believe there is a huge untapped market for the peanut butter, I would recommend purchasing a large scale peanut butter machine.

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