Family Road Trip Must-Haves for Parents With Toddlers

Road trips are fun adventures that every family should engage in once in a while. It helps you create lasting memories, and it will bring your family closer together. Moreover, children would enjoy the experience a road trip can give. From seeing various sceneries to even learning some survival skills while on the road, there’s no shortage of things you and your children can do.

However, bringing children, especially toddlers, can be difficult. They can be fussy and impatient, which often affects the mood of the entire trip. Therefore, you must bring the things that can address their wants and needs while on the road.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of all the must-haves you should pack if you plan to have a road trip adventure with your kids.

Child Gear

Having kids inside a car can be chaotic. Hence, don’t forget to carry the proper child gear to ensure your kids stay in their seats and lessen the chaos caused by unruly behaviour children often have.

One item you should bring with you is a car baby monitor. With this nifty device, you can keep an eye out for your kids just by looking at the screen. Aside from that, you might also want to bring a car seat organiser to keep your child’s toys and trinkets in place inside the car.

Most importantly, don’t forget your child’s car seats. When purchasing, consider your kids’ age. You can choose between 0-4 Car Seats or 4-7 car seats, but aside from their age, you should also consider their weight.

If you don’t want your kids making so much mess inside the car, having a travel tray can help them eat and play comfortably.

Snacks and Drinks

Toddlers easily get hungry, especially if they are bored. If your trip is long, your children can get weary inside the car doing nothing. Additionally, travelling is exhausting and will surely make you and your kids hungry.

Therefore, it would be best to stock your car with snacks and drinks that you could carry around. For example, you can bring dried apricots, mini breadsticks, or cereal bars. Carrot sticks and hard-boiled eggs are also great options to ensure your kids can recharge throughout the trip.

You should also bring water, juices, and sports drinks to hydrate them during travel, especially if the temperature isn’t too forgiving. Avoid giving your children sodas as it will hinder their sleep during the trip. Plus, the acid on sodas can upset their stomachs, causing heartburn and acid reflux.

Sanitary Kit

Toddlers can be very messy, especially when they eat. So, having a sanitary kit with you all the time during travelling will help you keep them clean. It’s also handy if your kids are the type to get motion sick when travelling. After all, who wants to deal with the mess left by a nauseous toddler?

And with a sanitary kit, if your kids need to go number two, you won’t have to rely on the cheap paper napkins you’ve accumulated from fast food restaurants. The kit should include hand sanitizer or alcohol, baby wipes, tissue, and soap. Place it in an easy-to-grab bag for easy access in case you need it.

Trash Bag

A toddler can mean having to deal with tons of garbage. So, to keep your car clean throughout your trip, bring a garbage bag to put all the trash you and your kids make. It will also help keep the environment clean, preventing you from littering anywhere.

Make sure you dispose of your trash bags appropriately when you reach your destination. This way, you’re not only keeping your car clean but also your surroundings.

First Aid Kit

This next must-have is vital on every trip you go. Having a first aid kit can even save lives in case of an emergency. During medical emergencies, it is crucial that you can perform first aid with the right things, especially on kids.

When packing your first aid kit, don’t forget to include allergy medicines and pain killers. In addition, make sure that you have a fever and cold medicine, an inhaler for kids with asthma, and nasal spray for allergic rhinitis.

Moreover, don’t forget to pack medicine for diarrhoea since children can easily catch stomach bugs. And include some adult medicines for you and your spouse.

Pillow and Blankets

Comfort is important to children, especially toddlers. They will kick up a fuss when uncomfortable. So, to avoid any tantrums along the way, bring pillows and blankets to keep them comfy during the trip. Additionally, bring their favourite plushies, which can provide them comfort and security while in the car.

Toys and Fun Activities

Entertaining your child during the road trip is vital to maintain peace throughout the journey. You don’t want to deal with fussy little travellers complaining in your backseat, which can add to the exhaustion of travelling for long hours.

While you can bring their favourite toys and games, you can also take something they can do aside from playing, such as drawing, crafting, and more. Whatever you think will keep your toddler entertained should be brought along.

Start Packing for Your Family Road Trip

A road trip is an experience that can bring the family together. But while it’s a fun, enjoyable adventure, preparation is imperative, especially for those with toddlers. There’s no denying that travelling with kids can be a handful. But with thorough preparation and consideration of their needs, your family will surely make the best memories during the trip.

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