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The role of the fashion editors is to educate the public, to provide fashion information from all phases of the industry in all parts of the world; to make the industry or the consumer aware of all that is available; and to help the consumer make wise and suitable styling and/or buying decisions. Fashion editors, together with journalists, stylists, and photographers, act as the eyes and ears of the consumer. They let the nation or the community know where to find the fashions that are currently on the market, and they report on how new fashions should be worn and accessorized.Check the site Filmy god

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Prominent newspapers

The fashion editors of prominent newspapers and fashion magazines attend the collection openings, take notes on what they like best, and report on what directions they believe are important they may request sketches or photographs of their favorite garments to use in their articles.

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In between openings, fashion editors write articles on topics that they think are noteworthy. They sift through the news releases that come into their offices to help them write a story. Editors may ask to borrow samples for simply use a photo sent to them in a publicity release. Sometimes sketched illustrations are used, depending on the mood or effect to be achieved. Garment and fabric descriptions may be included as well as a list of stores that carry the merchandise described in the article.

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After selecting the fabric, the designer must consider the other elements of good design. In this section, the term line refers to the direction of visual interest in a garment created by construction details such as seams, openings, pleats, gathers, tucks, topstitching, and trims. Line direction should flow from one part of the garment to another and should not be meaninglessly cut up.

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