How to Choose The perfect Manual Lawn Mower

If you want an attractive home or workplace environment that brings your mind to the entertainment of guests, don’t compromise on owning a manual lawn mower that consists of all the attributes you have been dreaming of. It’s ideal for all income level persons that appreciate its value.

Choosing the right one that is environmentally friendly is what matters after all.

What Is a Manual Lawn Mower?

Manual Lawn Mower is a grass cutter that consists of spiral blades spinning vertically while using scissoring aid to cut the grass.  It’s pollution-free with no health impacts to the user. Unlike the electric and gas mower, the manual lawn mower is light and easy to push forward on its wheels.

It works through the help of an axle that turns and sends a pair of gears spinning while performing the action.

It’s better to keep your lawn short during cool and wet seasons and long height during dry seasons. Cutting of grass should be done between 5-7 days.

A few tips below explain factors affecting Manual Lawn Mower buying trends.


Price impacts the buying power on almost every item. In this case, Manual Lawn Mower Price Is one of them being impacted by price factors.

Resorting to buying a manual lawn type which is silent during mowing is less costly and saves the environment from noise pollution.

Power Supply

The amount of power supplied by the machine should be considered before being loaded to the truck for backyard cleaning. Manual lawn mower with a pull cord starter lasts for long hours when mowing compared to the electrically charged ones that may run out of charge thus cutting you short of the task. This, therefore, should be considered as one of the factors that can impact manual lawn mower prices in Kenya without compromise.

Lawn Size

Before buying the mowing machine, know the size of the lawn and piece of acre perfectly well. This will help you to mow faster without getting stressed out. Big-sized manual lawn mowers are characterized by a push forward mentality compared to the remote control ones that are usually small.

Manual ones are less expensive and a good starter for even low-income households.

Deck Size

If you want to take less time cutting your lawn, that is if you are sure of the acre uniformity, wide decks are the way to go since they cut large paths on each pass. On the other hand, smaller decks navigate through nursery and flower beds easily, even though they require repeatedly passing the mower.

Other Alternatives


Now that you have secured your manual lawn mower, endeavor to maintain the blade spotless with a brush after cutting the grass.

Keeping the grass off the blades and its entirety elongates its lifespan.

Keep checking the condition of the blade. Sharpen it if need be for outstanding results.

Replace the workout blade before commencement of any task. This will help the machine life.

In Conclusion, if you require mowing your home, make an investment on a Manual Lawn Mower that is of the right size and able to cut the type of grass in your compound.

This equipment will keep your environment tidy with less expensive costs of maintenance.

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