How To Find The Right Buyers For Your Gold Jewellery 

You have a few things in your life that need to be fixed but you don’t have the cash for them. Your roof might be leaking and you might not have the cash to fix it, to raise the cash before the rainy season catches you, consider selling your gold jewellery.

You should find gold buyers that will offer you excellent prices for your gold. How do you go about doing that? How do you make sure you don’t end up with bargain-price deals because some gold buyers want to take advantage of your current predicament?

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Here are five simple things you can do to sell your gold:

#1. Go to reputable gold buyers in your area

This means you have to do your research. Check online reviews to find a buyer near you who has the best ratings and service record.

#2. Check customer service

There are no peer-to-peer platforms for posting gold jewellery you want to sell except maybe eBay and other auction sites. If you have never done this, the process might seem long and tedious and if you don’t know what you are doing, you are liable to make a lot of mistakes. Besides, sites like these charge commission and might be more concerned with that than they would be with customer service. It is better to sell your gold jewellery directly to a physical gold buyer. This way you are dealing with someone face-to-face and you run the risk of dealing with unprofessional chancers.

#3. Check Licensing

When searching for gold buyers in your area you should check their licensing status. There are certain regulations that gold buyers have to abide by. Depending on the type of business they are running, they may be required to have a license for dealing in second-hand goods. Check whether the gold buyer you choose to deal with has the required licenses.

#4. Compare different offers from different buyers

You need to get a good offer but you won’t know if that is the best offer a buyer can give you unless you take your gold to different buyers and compare the prices each buyer gives. In addition to finding a gold buyer who will give you the highest price, you should also be concerned with getting a buyer that will give you the cash as soon as the offer has been made and not make you wait.

#5. Go through the terms of Service

You may need to produce certain documents for certain types of gold jewellery. For instance, high-end jewellery is often sold with certificates of authenticity or papers that show the quality of the gold and other information. Having these documents and the original packaging can help you get the best price you can possibly get.

If you want to get cash as quickly as possible, you want to send your gold to a gold buying company with on-site experts who can examine the gold as it comes in. This will simplify the transaction and ensures that you get your cash immediately. You don’t have to wait for the jewellery to be sent somewhere for valuation.

The bottom line is that if you want the best deal for your gold you should choose a reputable dealer with great customer care and a license to operate the type of business they are operating. Moreover, make choose a buyer that makes selling gold jewellery easy and pays out faster.

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