How To Get the Best Deal When Buying a High-priced Used Car?

Used cars are monumentally becoming a popular choice as they are budget-friendly, come with an automaker warranty, and have lower interest rates. And because most car owners sell their cars before their time due to their depreciating value, many find buying used cars more attractive.

However, regardless of whether it is a new car or a used one, purchasing a vehicle is always a challenging task. Especially when the used car is priced higher than anticipated, it becomes imperative to look for deals that sit right with you. To help you get the deal of your dreams like a used Honda for sale in Newport News, we’ve listed a few points to keep in mind when buying a high-priced used car.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Buying a High-priced Used Car

1. Start online

Research is critical when it comes to purchasing a used car. Through it, you can narrow down your preferences to which car you like, the model you wish to buy, mileage requirements, its features, budget range, and more. Apart from this, you can also broaden your search to more than just your immediate surroundings. For example, your local car dealer may only have a few car options with the requirements that you specifically need. Taking your search online helps you look at multiple options across various prices, so you can compare options, leading you to a deal that fits your needs.

2. In-person research

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been through and through with your online research; one must also conduct in-person research to ensure that you are getting the deal you’ve been promised. This means that you must evaluate the car in person, check for specs, take it on a test drive, and look at car features carefully to ensure that everything on paper checks out.

Besides this, you must also ask for a vehicle history report to authenticate the odometer reading, ownership history, damage reports (if any), and maintenance records. Before purchasing a high-priced used car, one must do their due diligence and check all these documents in-person to justify its worth.

3. Budget

While this may seem like a fairly common point, you’d be surprised at how many people do not rightly evaluate their budget before purchasing a used car. At the start of your search, one must consider budget restrictions and narrow down car options with the best features under the estimated price. You must also ensure you have pre-approved financing like a car loan in place before you start shop.

4. Negotiation

This may be one of the most essential points to remember when buying a high-priced used car. While car dealers quote a price commonly known as MSRP or manufacturer suggested retail price, more often than not, there always is some wiggle room, allowing you to negotiate for a better deal. You can find room to talk down or cut off the price when it comes to factors such as documentation fees, advertising charges, unnecessary add-ons, and other miscellaneous costs. Sometimes, if there are maintenance issues or cosmetic defaults such as a broken rim or shredded interiors, you may get a lower price. Often, when you see a car that has been on sale for long with no interest, you could also use this point to your advantage and ask for a better deal.

However, remember that you cannot negotiate all fees. Certain customary dues such as taxes or registration fees are prices that car dealers have no control over and negotiating will only lead to disappointment.

5. Using a Trade-In

If you’re planning to replace your old car with a used car, you almost always get a better deal. Especially if your car isn’t too old, worn out, and in good condition, you can get a great sale price that you can use to buy your new car. In addition, when you trade in your old car at the same place you plan to purchase, the car dealership takes care of all the heavy load paperwork, and sometimes that can even help waive some of the sales tax. But if you feel the price is too high, you can always offer a sale privately and only pay the difference.


While these were only a handful tips when buying a high-priced car, you can do other things like check on return policies, reading the fine print carefully, avoiding extra, unwanted cost, and more to help you get the best deal.

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