Important Facts You Need to Know About Solar Heaters

Solar heaters are a growing trend for most households in Kenya. With the rise of green energy campaigns and movements, this looks like a viable and beneficial investment to start in your home. With the rising cost of electricity and the never-ending rationing, it is time to move on to solar energy.

Solar heaters are energy-saving devices that utilize sunlight to generate heat. The heat generated can heat the water in our homes for showering and other domestic purposes. You can also use it to heat swimming pools. Solar heaters are friendly to the environment, and it is economical in that they cut the cost that would have otherwise been incurred while using electricity for the same purposes.

How it works

Solar heaters work by absorbing light from the sun using a collector, converting it into heat. It can circulate the heat to water in a holding facility where it heats the water before it is released to insulated tanks to prevent heat loss before distributing hot water throughout the household. You can also use the water during the day can also be used overnight as the solar heaters can absorb and maintain heat.

Types of solar heaters

There are two major types of solar heaters. They include active and passive solar heaters. Active solar heaters are more expensive than passive solar heaters and are more efficient as they contain circulating pumps and controls that help heat water. On the other hand, passive solar heaters are cheaper and last longer but are not as efficient. They work well in areas where the temperature does not fall below freezing.

How much do solar heaters cost?

Solar heater prices in Kenya vary depending on their capacity and material. Non-pressurized solar heaters cost less than pressurized solar heaters. Pressurized heaters release water under high pressure, while non-pressurized tanks release water under low pressure. The prices are also dependent on the model of the solar heater.

Benefits of solar heaters

Solar heaters have been proven to have positively impacted the environment. Here’s what solar heater users are receiving from it;

  • Saving costs on electricity bills.

Using solar heaters will save you on using electricity bills since solar heaters use heat from the sun, which is free. It means your household will have a continuous hot water supply all year round without paying a single cent.

  • A better climate.

Using electricity or fuel-powered machines to heat water harms the environment more than reasonable. Solar heaters utilize the natural heat from the sun to provide a safe way of acquiring hot water that is safe for the climate and the environment reducing carbon footprint.

  • Energy independence.

Using solar heaters is not dependent on any government body. Therefore, there is no rationing and cutouts, a shared experience with government bodies. Solar heaters allow you to use your free energy however you want.

In conclusion, solar heaters are the best investment one can make for their household. A continuous supply of hot water at no extra cost is a very beneficial investment. Solar heaters are costly to purchase and install. Still, after this initial cost, it is practically a free energy source, and the extra money that will now be available can be put to use in other ways that help improve your household.

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