Interior Designers on How to Make Cheap Furniture Look Better

Good home décor is a dream for everyone to have in their houses. But many have a limited budget, which means the pile-up of cheap furniture. It’s not a critical factor to add inexpensive furniture at home, but it’s pretty common to want that expensive and aesthetic look of the house.

Several interior designers in Bangalore are best in their jobs and can be hired or make suggestions about changing the face of your furniture. When it comes to interiors, there is no doubt about the fact that it can be pricey, especially if you are a newbie in the whole interior world, and do not know how to go about it.

However, the market out there is flooded with interior designing stuff. All we have to do is, end up choosing a cost-effective product, which can be fixed in such a way, which changes the whole feel and look of the area.

The designers provide various ideas to alter the looks of the furniture, which are an easy fit for low budgets. These contain specific innovative ideas and quick hacks that can change the entire look of your home décor. Here are some ideas of how in affordable ways, interior designers can make cheap furniture look expensive.

Several Ways Suggested By Interior Designers

Adding certain new paints or a few basic DIYs can easily change the look of the furniture, reflecting an expensive watch.

The various ways to alter the looks as suggested by Interior designers are:

Brass Table Corners: The table is decorated with brass corners, which in which the look of the standard table looks pretty expensive. These brass corners are convenient to fix and are easily accessible on the market or in online stores.

Glorified Drawer Knobs: The interior designers suggest changing the regular drawer knobs with a fun object to upgrade the look of the standard drawers. The knobs may be golden sprayed animal creatures or something similar.

Dyed Tables: If you have a plain wooden table that looks normal, try a fun dip-dye technique by using tapes to prevent the bottom of the table. This technique gives a vibrant look to the dulled pale wooden table.

Marble Table: A marble table can be quite an expensive thing. You can have your marble table at a meager rate by simply sticking a marble contact paper. This will make your marble table ready, and no one will even find out that it’s fake.

Wallpapered Bookshelf: For people who love reading, the bookshelf is an essential piece of furniture to own. But that simple bookshelf can also be given an expensive look by adding wallpapers behind the shelf. This makes the frame more vibrant and unique.

Metallic Paints: The metallic paints of golden or any such similar can surprisingly alter the look of any ordinary furniture. If you have any old white or faded table, spray or paint metallic colors on the same, and notice the elegant look it’ll add to your décor.

Various other ideas will be suggested by the Interior Designers in Bangalore apart from these. Try these fantastic and budget-friendly techniques to alter the entire look of the furniture into an expensive touch.

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