Managed IT Services: What you Need to Know

Every single business and organization relies heavily on Information Technology and whether you run a tech startup or a chain of restaurants, your IT needs will grow as you become more established. While the managed IT services company offers a wide range of services, they look at the client’s business and make that the basis for their recommendation.

Here are some of the popular services offered by an IT support provider.

  • Cloud solutions – Why store your data on the office computer hard drives? Imagine what a fire could do if you had no back-up? Besides, how difficult would it be to get into your offices at night and download whatever you wanted? If your business data is stored on remote secure servers, you know it is safe and you have 24/7 support should you ever need it. If you would like to learn more about cloud computing, contact your local IT support company in Dallas and they would be happy to help.
  • VoIP communication – Internet telephony can save you hundreds of dollars every month, as you no longer need those cellphone networks and real-time video is not something to turn down. All calls can be monitored and recorded, so you know who is calling whom and for how long; all the data can be accessed from your control panel interface. Every employee can have a password to access VoIP platforms and you can call any landline or cellphone number, while overseas costs no more than local calls.
  • Hardware support – Computer and IT hardware can go wrong at any time and it usually does when it is most needed. Halfway through printing those presentation handouts and that error 448 appears again; this is a time when you are happy that you went ahead with your IT support, as the technician will have the printer back online in no time. Any hardware issues will be sorted and your business will not be impacted by IT hardware failure, which can happen at any time.
  • IT consulting – Making an investment in IT hardware and peripherals does have an element of risk, which is why you should consult an IT professional before making any decisions. When you are planning a new office suite downtown, ask an IT consultant to plan your IT infrastructure so everything will be ready when you relocate. Click here for info on influencer marketing, which is very popular.
  • One stop website service – The provider can design, build, host and administrate your website, giving you a one-stop solution for all your web needs. They offer a range of web-hosting packages to suit your requirements, plus they can register your web domain and before you know it, your company website is ready to be published.
  • Cyber-security – Of course, you need the best cyber-security these days, if you want to keep your data safe and this is just one of many services your local managed IT services provider offers.

Every organization needs IT services and with 24/7 management by IT professionals, you can be sure that your business stays connected.

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