Managing Stress and Managing Time of education


This chapter explores the management of stress and time in a broader context to clarify how teaching relates to other work. Within the profession there is a new stronger focus on teacher workload issues but also increasingly there is concern about bullying of teachers. This difficult area is focused on first. An article about teachers in the Observer opens with ‘in the average school, nearly one in six has been bullied in the last six months’. Cary Cooper, leading researcher on stress asserts. Read More About: F95 Zone

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Types of bully

There are two types of bully. The psychopathic bully has low self-esteem and may not be particularly good at their job. He or she bullies to enhance their status. It’s a personality disjunction and the numbers are relatively small and stable. The other type is the overloaded bully who has too much to do themselves and dumps on others. This sort of bullying is increasing.

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A survey by Cooper at the Manchester School of Management found that one in four workers had been bullied in the last five years, but in teaching the proportion was one in three. The significance of this for the number of teachers who intend to leave the profession may be underestimated because victims may be unwilling to talk about bullying.

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Conquer your stress

Cooper and Palmer present a positively supportive short book with this reassuring title. There are practical exercises throughout, and the first author is the leading academic researcher on stress management. All the chapters are intended to support your professional growth directly. The opening chapter defines stress, explains the physical consequences of stress, and provides a self-assessment of stress for you – psychological, behavioral and physiological/physical.

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There is an assessment of the causes of occupational and organizational stress – relationships, the organizational structure and climate, those intrinsic to the job, from the role in the organization; those associated with careers, and the home–work interface.

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