Nomad Internet Launches Retail Services for Multi-Purpose Connectivity

Rural businesses now have a secure, reliable option for internet access, thanks to a new service from Nomad Internet.

The recently launched retail service will bring a high-speed option to companies operating in remote locations that have long struggled to get dependable access to the web. Available across all 50 states, Nomad Internet’s retail options are built to deliver failover solutions for rural businesses, allowing them to preserve operations when their connections go spotty.

A perfect solution for countryside mom-and-pop stores, rural ATMs, digital signage features, and more, the service represents an expansion of Nomad Internet’s mission of expanding high-speed connectivity options to more people and places across the country.

“In today’s world, there is almost no business that can truly thrive without reliable, consistent access to the online world,” said Jessica Garza, co-founder of Nomad Internet. “We are very proud that we now have the capability to help rural businesses stay viable and remain competitive in our increasingly digital world. This service will not only prevent rural businesses from losing valuable data and service time due to poor internet service, it will also have the downstream effect of incentivizing more companies and entrepreneurs to consider remote communities as potential business sites.”

Reliable internet service options are a boon to rural economies, she added. Both established companies and people who are looking to start new ventures often rank a fast and dependable internet connection as a must-have priority. The retail service from Nomad Internet guarantees that business owners, no matter if they’re franchising a national brand or creating a self-funded startup, can rest assured that their internet access will be highly functional no matter where they choose to open their doors.

In addition to aiding far-flung companies and farms manage their inventories, keep in contact with customers, and stay on top of the latest news, Nomad Internet’s retail service also provides opportunities for traveling businesspeople, such as digital nomads, to take their work to more remote locations without sacrificing availability.

Increasing housing costs, remote-first jobs, and a shift of priorities powered in part by the Covid-19 pandemic have made country living more attractive to a wide variety of workers. Now, people who want to work for urban companies without living in the big city will have the chance to enjoy the rustic settings of rural America without giving up their need for high-speed internet.

“This can be a game-changer for people who have always wanted to live in the country, but felt like they couldn’t because of their jobs,” Garza said. “Not only do remote workers finally have the freedom to live exactly where they want to live, but their chosen rural communities will also become even more attractive. We hope that expanded internet access helps rural businesses expand their customer base, provide better service, and thrive.”

Launched in 2017 with a mission to bring the internet to the millions of Americans who live outside of traditional coverage zones, Nomad Internet has grown to become America’s largest wireless internet service provider. The retail service is available in all 50 states. To learn more, visit

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