Parlay Betting Explained

What is Parlay?

A parlay wager consists of individual wagers combining two or more selections into one. Each section chooses the Parlay for the parlay ticket to win. The investment and profits transfer to the second selection if the first pick is a winner. It continues until all sections of winning bets, or one choice is a losing bet. Some parlays combine many parlays into a single parlay ticket like in OKBET Sportsbook.

How does Parlay Betting Work?

Parlay sports betting is a game in which many bets combine into a single wager. All single chances in the variety must-win for a combination regarding as a winner. Parlay betting will not be accessible in all markets. One of the options is not accessible for parlay betting if you observe in the bet slip that you can’t merge two unrelated options.

-The website allows a maximum of ten selections combine in a parlay bet.

-All selections are subject to the rules of the relevant sports.

Let’s look at an example and do some fast math.

Manchester United @ 1.80

Chelsea @ 1.50

Arsenal @ 1.66

If you bet ₱100 on Manchester United, your profits would be 1.80 x 100 = 180 total payout.

If you bet ₱100 on Chelsea, your profits would be 1.50 x 180 = 270 total payout.

If you bet ₱100 on Chelsea, your profits would be 1.66 x 270 = 448.20 total payout.

While the payoff is higher, the danger is also greater. That’s why parlays are so popular with bookies. You lose if you don’t get it perfect. The more bets you put on a single ticket, the more likely you will fail, but the more money you could win.

How to Make a Parlay Bet?

You can make a parlay bet in a variety of ways. This type of wager may be placed at any online or in-person sportsbook and will calculate the odds for you. On mobile betting sites like OKBET, a similar concept has lately begun to develop. Below is an example of how to make a parlay bet

  • Browse the sport of your choice.
  • Choose two or more matches to play in a single game
  • Select “Parlay” on the right side of your Bet Slip. Some bookmakers will not even need you to complete this step, placing the Parlay directly below or above single bets.
  • Submit the amount you want to bet.

Types of Parlay Bets

The organization offers a wide range of parlay wagers. The website displaying all the possibilities of each parlay bet is shown below. The following is a full explanation of each parlay bet type:

Double Bet

A Double is a single wager comprising two picks from separate events. Both sections must be successful in guaranteeing a return.

Treble Bet

A Treble shows a single wager on three picks in separate events. All must be successful in guaranteeing a return.

Accumulator Bet

An Accumulator is one bet with four or more different selections. All selections must be successful in guaranteeing a return. An Accumulator’s four sections are called a 4-Fold. An accumulator with five choices is a Five-Fold, or 5-Fold, up to Ten-Fold, or 10-Fold.

Trixie Bet

A Trixie is a combined parlay bet on three different selections, consisting of 4 separate bets. It is broken down into 3 Doubles and 1 Treble. There must be a minimum of two successful samples to guarantee a return.

Yankee Bet

A Yankee is a combined parlay bet on four different selections, consisting of 11 separate bets. It is broken down into 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles, and 1 Four-Fold. There must be a minimum of two successful selections to guarantee a return.


Parlay bets are an excellent method to try out different kinds of wagers. Any point spread, moneyline, and Over/Under bets can combine in a single parlay. You may also alter the risk/reward ratio by adjusting the number of games and the odds.

They’re fantastic for entertainment value, especially if you want to wager on numerous games but don’t have a large budget. And parlay bettors who know what they’re doing have a fantastic chance to profit. OKBET has all the materials you’ll need to get started with parlay bets. It’s a one-stop experience for parlay bets, including odds pages, a parlay calculator, and expert choices to assist you in creating making smarter betting decisions.

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