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Planning to build houses and buildings

In any work in building a house with a contractor. or home builder or home builders รับสร้างบ้านโคราช Starting with a systematic planning with steps and sequences will make the operation easier, faster and more accurate. Even if there is an error, it can be checked. Therefore, planning is required every time you start any work in interior design. Planning is one of the starting steps. for suggesting design guidelines arrangement of furniture and the use of space in relation to each other The layout determines all the elements that will be involved in the design. Planning is therefore considered as a very important starting point for the next step of the work plan. You should study the necessary things in planning the plan in detail as follows.

1.2.1 Road assignment

A thoroughfare is a walking path, possibly a passage in and out of the stomach. a passage between people and furniture or pedestrians The aisle arrangement must try to make the corridor as convenient and short as possible. Must not walk around or circle around a lot. It must not be too narrow or too wide. The walkway must not be cluttered or congested to the point of wasting time on work or causing other instability. This thoroughfare can also be separated into a main thoroughfare and a secondary thoroughfare. The main thoroughfare is a wide corridor that is convenient for use. The secondary thoroughfare is a walkway in the sub-section. Or the interface of the sub-unit, however, the arrangement of this corridor area must be considered from the general area. that it consists of what is used and how to arrange the walking area to be suitable for the job.

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The arrangement of the living room is inappropriate. An arrangement that creates a walkway into the seating area There was confusion and confusion between the rider and the passerby.

The living room is angled to one side, making the sitting area separate from the corridor without clutter or confusion.

The work room is organized inappropriately. The desk was placed in the middle of the room too much and the corridors were all equally wide, so the corridors were of the same size, so no main paths could pass around the table, creating uncertainty. Workers may lack concentration. It’s not private and the empty space in the back will be a waste. or not very useful

Workspace with desks aligned to one side Makes sitting and working and roaming around the room with a certain position in proportion. make work concentrate If there must be a book or document, it can be stored easily and securely.

1.2.2 Assignment of groups of furniture

group of furniture Types of furniture that are related to use The arrangement must be flexible in order to be used easily in sequence, for example, a group of furniture for a bedroom consists of furniture that is related to each other within the bedroom. Arrangement must be in accordance with the order of use. not back and forth

improper bedroom arrangement that is, the bedside table placed too far from the bed It is inconvenient to use it while lying in bed at night. and the TV cabinet is in a position that cannot be watched The dressing table is placed away from the wardrobe. These two parts, if there is enough space, should be in close proximity to each other. because the usage is very related

Placement of bedside tables next to the bed Will make it more convenient to use at night Move the TV cabinet to a position that you can lie down and watch. And the wardrobe and dressing table are in a functional position relative to each other.

The arrangement of the living room is not appropriate. The lounge set is scattered, not in groups and inconvenient to sit and chat. The center and side tables are not yet grouped together. There is also a sink in this room. which the usage is different for each type should not be in the same room

Adjusting the position of the long chair A single chair, a center table, and a side table can be grouped together for a comfortable conversation. A table for resting things while sitting. can be used now The showcase is positioned in relation to the view of the displayed item. is therefore appropriate

1.2.3 Determination of the layout of the flange

There are two distinct ways of arranging furniture: a balanced arrangement with the same or equal weight on both sides. with the size and number of furniture This arrangement is called Symmetry Balance, which makes the atmosphere formal, elegant, and organized. The other arrangement is a two-sided arrangement that is not equal or not the same. but well balanced This arrangement is called Asymmetry Balance, which creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Both types of arrangements are Symmetry Balance and Asymmetry Balance. The organizer must have knowledge of the principles of art involved. Therefore, it will make the work look attractive, such as knowing how to weight with colors and patterns. Choose materials that are harmonious or different. brought together to create a balance

1.2.4 Determination of the proportion of the area

Determination of the proportions of the area The arrangement of each piece of furniture must have enough space for use, for example, between the table and the chair there must be space for legs. For sliding in and out when getting up – sitting, arranging the bed There must be free space for storage or bedding around the bed, wardrobe must have space for opening and closing the cabinet, space for standing, etc.

space arrangement In addition to the size of the proportions that can be used Good furniture placement also takes into account the empty space as an environment. This empty space creates an open, airy, non-cluttered atmosphere, giving it a sense of luxury or a sense of security to use. Space for equipment placement and use if too limited or too few make it uncomfortable when moving But if the space is too empty May cause inconvenience in use because you have to walk a lot or walking too far and can be detrimental

1.2.5 Determination of the direction of light and air

Determining the direction of light and air In every place, there must be a good airflow and ventilation.

a There is adequate lighting. The layout of the furniture must take into account the windows, doors, air vents, and lighting. You can take full advantage of these parts. This benefit should be used as much as possible, for example, the writing room has to set a table by the window. to rely on light and to provide light to the left side of the table Therefore, the direction of the kitchen light must be provided with quick and convenient ventilation. and has adequate lighting for work or inside the bedroom Good ventilation is required. for the freshness of the residents At present, the air environment has a lot of problems with pollution. Therefore, the problem was solved by making the residence comfortable. By using air conditioners a lot. Makes it less concerned with natural light and air, however, light and air is still something that humans have to use a lot. If it can be used in conjunction with creative design work. It will make the living that nature is involved. causing happiness that is completely natural

1.2.6 Determining the size of the room

room size determination Each room has a different function. The type of furniture will also vary. The size of the room is therefore necessary to be suitable for fitting the furniture into a small room. It is necessary to select smaller pieces of furniture or reduce the number of them. If the room is large, the furniture may have large pieces. or more pieces

The size and number of furniture is appropriate for the size of the room. Makes a comfortable space to use

chaise longue size which is a large furniture but put it in the middle of the room making it inappropriate to walk around inconvenient to use

size and number of furniture suitable for the size of the room make it convenient to use

Inappropriately placed furniture Because the wardrobe, which is a large cabinet but placed against the window This nature should be avoided. The size of the bed should be smaller. will make the room space not cramped It will be more convenient to use.


Residential buildings รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี , whether small or large There must be a plan to arrange the space for use and place the furniture in relation to each other. taking into account how to use the walk to be flexible Some areas require continuity in operation. Some areas need to be separated Designers need to plan accordingly. In order not to cause problems at work or not to cause discomfort in living

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