Questions to ask when consulting a Virginia employment attorney

If you have a matter that concerns your rights as an employee, you need to consult an employment attorney – Period. It could be something related to abuse, harassment, or discrimination at the workplace, or something like changes in the terms & conditions of your contract. Consulting a Virginia employment attorney doesn’t have to be tough, and most local law firms offer a free initial session for potential employees. If you are visiting a lawyer to discuss the case, here are some key questions to ask. 

What’s your experience in the field?

Many law firms place these huge ads where they say that they specialize in employment law-related matters, but in practice, they may not have qualified lawyers. For an attorney to work on your case, they must specialize in employment law and must have credible experience in representing clients. A considerable number of cases don’t need a trial or hearing, and therefore, many lawyers don’t have that kind of experience. Make sure that the lawyer you hire specializes and works on matters exclusively related to employment law. At the least, the lawyer must have five years of experience in the field. 

What are your landmark cases so far?

How do you know if an attorney is worth their promises? The simplest step is to consider the range and types of cases they have handled so far. Ask the attorney if they have won certain landmark cases and find out more about their outcomes. In cases that involve financial recovery, what are the top settlements they have won for clients? You can also ask for a few references. 

How much would you charge?

Pricing shouldn’t be your first concern when looking for employment lawyers. However, it is a significant question that must be on your list. A good lawyer is someone who would explain the expected costing in advance, including expenses pertaining to the case. Many attorneys work on a contingency fee, but others don’t, and it also depends on whether the lawyer expects a financial settlement. It is also possible that an attorney would on a flat fee or standard hourly rates. 

Finally, ensure that your lawyer represents employees more often. A lot of employment lawyers in Virginia work for both employees and employers, and it is always wise to hire someone who can empathize with and understand your situation. Meet a lawyer in person before you make the final call. You don’t have to typically pay a lot to hire one.

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