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Differences in power and social status also affect the dynamics of interpersonal behavior and the potential intimacy or level of formality of relationships. In some cultures, people are assigned a higher social status in relation to their age, economic wealth, education, profession, or birth order. For example, in the Chinese language, the eldest sister is addressed with a special word that conveys respect Signs and symbols often assume different meanings in different cultures. Posture, social cues, and facial and idiomatic expressions all influence interpersonal relationships.

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Communication efforts

In interpreting people’s behavior, it is important to be aware of cultural differences that may have a powerful effect on the dynamics of interpersonal behavior. Lack of understanding of these differences often undermines the impact of well-meant communication efforts.

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In the health care field, understanding how cultural variables and interpretations affect interpersonal behavior has a positive influence on communication that may lead to better patient outcomes, increased patient compliance to treatment, or a better chance for disease control in a given group or population, to name just a few potential positive effects. Compares examples of different aspects of culture that may influence interpersonal relationships and communication during a health care related encounter.

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In Conclusion

Interpersonal behavior is usually affected by social needs and factors as well as cognitive processes that may vary at the individual level. Both of these factors play a key role in how information is shared, evaluated, processed, and absorbed.

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