The Best Women’s Clothing Wholesale Platform is an online wholesale platform that offers quality clothing at a low price. Its suppliers are selected based on quality and style. The selection has grown exponentially over the years. Today, more than 8,000 women’s clothing wholesalers are listed on, and you’re sure to find an item you like among the thousands available.


FondMart is the world’s leading supplier of ladies’ wholesale plus size clothing. The company has built a strong foundation in discount clothing by providing on-design styles to various retailers, brands, and shops. The company is fully equipped to handle the entire stock organization process, from product creation to tech packs, packaging, and quality control evaluations.

The company has been in the clothing industry for decades and is dedicated to providing one-stop service for retailers, dropshippers, and wholesalers. Its team includes professional buyers, designers, and production and IT experts. This team is focused on bringing the benefits of low MOQ to overseas merchants.

Why Choose FondMart For Women’s Clothing?

If you are looking for wholesale women’s clothing, FondMart might be the perfect drop shipper for you. Their catalogue is extensive, with over 200,000 items. In addition, they work with over 40 global carriers, making shipping fast and affordable. Whether you are a small boutique or a large retailer, you can be sure that FondMart will have a wide selection and a price that meets your needs.

1. Quality control:

One of the most important factors when choosing a supplier is quality control. At FondMart, we believe in promoting products of high quality. We work with thousands of designers and suppliers across the world. As a result, we can offer customers the best selection and prices. You can also count on our buying experts for guidance on selecting the best suppliers.

Our vendors follow strict quality control policies. Their goal is to ensure that all products meet the customers’ expectations. Our vendors constantly change their quality ratings to ensure they meet our high standards. They also utilize computer vision technology to judge the styles of each product.

2. Shopify integration:

FondMart’s Shopify integration makes inventory management and order fulfilment simple for your store and customers. The Shopify integration is free and features over 200,000 products from over 15,000 suppliers. You can also track commissions, product availability, and shipping information from a single place.

This integration works seamlessly with Shopify, synchronizing your inventory and shipping information to the online store. It can also automate order fulfilment in a matter of minutes. Once an order is placed, all related information is automatically synced, and your customers won’t have to worry about missing out on a product or an order. And because it uses the Auto-Sync service, you can accept most payment systems through Shopify.

The FondMart Shopify integration is the ideal solution for online sellers who wish to streamline their inventory management and shipping processes. Its Auto-Sync feature allows you to automatically synchronize inventory levels and shipping details so that inventory and order fulfilment processes are as simple as possible. This feature will save you valuable time and money. The system will automate order fulfilment and shipping so you can focus on your business.

3. Quality-assured policy:

FondMart’s quality-assured policy helps ensure that the products and services sold by the company are of high quality. This policy encourages the company’s founder to examine all transactions, suppliers, and products personally. This allows it to control the transactional risks of buying and selling. As a result, it can provide buyers with a better selection of products at lower prices.

As the buyer, you can rest assured that all transactions will be executed according to the quality-assured policy. Unlike most commission-based platforms, FondMart will personally examine each supplier’s product. This means they have a higher incentive to promote quality, whereas the traditional commission model reduces motivation. In addition, you can rest assured that each transaction is backed by a robust quality-assured policy, which means that if a supplier fails to meet its quality commitments, the company will settle the claims.

Whether looking for a quality-assured policy or a fast shipping service, FondMart is committed to meeting your expectations. It can ship your orders anywhere in the world in three to 25 business days, depending on the region. Additionally, the company offers a free listing of products and includes express delivery rates.

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