The Main Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving is an important rite of passage for many people. We look forward to purchasing cars and the independence of having your own transportation. Even when driving becomes mundane, it is still vital to our ability to get around and access the world around us. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are still incredibly common and present a danger to drivers everywhere.

It is important to be aware of the causes of car accidents both as a driver and as someone who uses motor vehicles as transportation. That’s why we are going to be breaking down the main causes of motor vehicle accidents, both those caused by human error and those caused by natural circumstances.  People who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and have injuries would be wise to get in touch with motor vehicle accident lawyers Perth for injury compensation claims assistance.

Top Causes of Accidents Related to Human Error

First, let’s go over the top five causes of motor vehicle accidents that are related to human error. It is easy to forget that motor vehicles can be quite dangerous, especially when you have been driving for many years. That’s why these causes remain quite common.

Distracted Driving

By and large, the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. People using their cell phones play a huge part in distracted driving; a quick glance to check a text or change the music can have grave consequences. However, cell phones are not the sole cause of distracted driving. People becoming too involved with conversation, searching for something, or even just spacing out are all committing distracted driving.

Drunk Driving

Nearly everyone will admit that drunk driving is incredibly dangerous and that they would never do it. In actuality, more people drive drunk than you might think. People may assume that having only a few drinks would not impair their ability to drive safely, when in reality this is not true. Just because someone is not slurring their words or stumbling does not mean that they are safe to drive. Intoxicated driving impacts your speed, reaction time, and driving instincts. It remains one of the primary causes of motor vehicle accidents.

Reckless Driving

Along the same lines of drunk driving, you will find that reckless driving plays a huge part in motor vehicle accidents. Reckless driving can include speeding, not checking and signaling before changing lanes or making a turn, and running red lights or stop signs. Many crashes occur at intersections such as red lights or stop signs, so drivers who recklessly drive through these locations put themselves and others at a high risk of an accident.


Speeding is connected to reckless driving, but they are not exactly the same. Many drivers will speed at least a few times in their life, perhaps because they are late for an event or just because they want to get home as soon as possible. But speeding limits exist for a reason, and that is because you are at a much higher risk of a serious accident the faster you are doing. For example, say a car in front of you must stop abruptly due to an issue. Anyone speeding will have less time to react and a much harder impact with the other car.  Collisioons with severe impacts often result in injuries.  People who are injured use motor vehicle accident lawyers to help them with their claims for injuries compensation.


Driving while fatigued is very dangerous, on the same level as driving while intoxicated. The sleepier you are, the slower your reaction time will be and the more likely you are to fall asleep at the wheel. Nodding off completely means you will lose control of the vehicle altogether. If you notice yourself feeling sleepy while driving, it is vital that you switch drivers or pull over and either take a rest or wake yourself up.

Causes of Accidents Unrelated to Personal Error

Now that we’ve covered the top causes of motor vehicle accidents caused by driver error, let’s go over the ones that you unfortunately cannot do much about. All you can do is prepare for these situations to arrive.

Bad Weather

Anyone who has ever driven in a storm can attest to how frightening it is! Visibility is low, the roads are slick, and it is easy to lose control of the vehicle. Bad weather is a main cause of vehicle accidents every year. If possible, you should avoid driving during harsh weather if you know it is coming ahead of time.

Poor Road Conditions

A poorly made road or street can also lead to vehicle accidents. Huge holes in the road or badly placed signs can make it hard to get home safely, and malfunctions can happen with little warning. If a road is commonly known to become flooded when it rains or has huge potholes that could puncture a tire, it is best avoided.

Vehicle Deficiencies

As scary as it is, sometimes your motor vehicle can be the one to cause problems. Issues with braking, acceleration, or your tires and engine can all appear suddenly and have consequences on the road. While they cannot be prevented entirely, regular check-ups and routine maintenance can make your car as safe as possible.

Remember to Drive Safe and Defensively

These are the top causes of motor vehicle accidents, both natural and by human error. It is essential to know these causes so that you can avoid them. For example, someone who often checks their phone to change the music they are playing may not think of themselves as a distracted driver. Knowing the definition of distracted driving and how it can impact others will change the way they approach driving.  Given the many risks when in a vehicle on the road people should ensure that they have a valid Last Will and Testament.  Wills lawyers Perth assist clients with preparing their Wills in Western Australia.

At the end of the day, you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of vehicular accidents. Other drivers and natural errors will pose a risk, so being aware of the possibility and driving defensively can prepare you in the event they do occur. Driving defensively and encouraging others to do the same is a good way to lower the risk of an accident and remind yourself that driving may be routine, but it is still dangerous and should be treated carefully.

From distracted driving to vehicular deficiencies, now you know the top causes of motor vehicle accidents.

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