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In a world of rapid automation, some are still hung up on excel sheets and documents to run a business. These methods have become obsolete and might cause the work to slack. It is also exceedingly difficult to maintain coordination and harmony using these tools.

Excel was considered newfangled technology when it emerged. It came to light in 1985 as a technological breakthrough and allowed a newer alternative for people to organise their data. Soon, it became ubiquitous because people realised its potency over paper documents. Papers occupied large spaces and had to be thoroughly maintained.

In case they got lost or damaged, the company had to bear the brunt for it. However, in the past many years, technology has made other advancements. Something that seemed like a quantum leap back then has started posing challenges for companies today.

Excel has numerous flaws as it crashes after subjecting it to heavy data load. Sometimes one’s employees might enter incorrect data causing the results to be completely skewed. All these reasons in cumulation have ushered people to employ other modes of technology to prevail in their business.

It is imminent for people to evolve. Nothing stays the same forever, and neither did the expectations from modern technology. G suite partner in India offers the perfect solution to your problems and helps bring enhanced coordination into your workplace. G suit partner in India has many other advantages in comparison to other technology.


  • Cost-effective

G suite is much cheaper in comparison to Microsoft and is easier to use.

  • Secure

We all know that nothing beats Google when security is concerned. It follows a 2 step verification system.

  • Highly efficient

G suite can enhance work productivity and efficiency. The files can be accessed, edited, and shared by all team members, anytime, anywhere.

  • Data migration tools

They also have better data migration tools that securely transfer information from one location to another.

  • It has unlimited storage.

Every user has the liberty of 1 TB storage which is vast. Other software can pose limitations on how much storage a user has, which can be pretty frustrating.

  • Business Gmail

People get a business Gmail if they upgrade from a free Gmail to a g suite account. The owner secures this account, and only they get access to it. The employees do not control it.

  • Access to other Google applications

Having a G suite account allows users to access Google applications like docs, sheets, calendars, keep, drive, etc. Once you buy the subscription, you can also avail other paid benefits.

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  • Rampant customer care

Google never leaves its customers high and dry. They are always available via email. Their 24*7 help is a significant advantage.

  • G suite admin panel

The admin panel exists to allow business heads to maintain coordination and keep an eye on other activities and their employees. They can track the users, data, devices, email accounts, and other services.

  • Offline capabilities

They also facilitate offline services to allow their users to work tirelessly. People can work through the offline mode, thereby maintaining productivity at all times. It also helps people in saving time. The rationale is not to let the internet become a hindrance. Imagine sitting in a flight with all that free time on one’s hand but unable to work due to the lack of internet.


Switch to G suite now to uplift your business.

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