Transparency And Security On Cloud Migration Services

What are Cloud migration services? The experience acquired over the years and the infinity of migrations carried out have allowed us to develop a proven and efficient methodology. Cloud storage solutions and cloud storage services facilitate clients’ transition to the cloud, either from a local environment or from another provider in the cloud.Also, with the help of personal cloud storage.

Get Secure and Transparent Cloud Migration Services

Migrating data, processes, and applications to the cloud is a complex and unique process for each company, requiring a methodology and a team of experts to meet the established deadlines.

Cloud migration services or cloud migration services

  • Initial audit

In the initial phase, an audit is performed to visualize the current state of the infrastructure and how applications and services are delivered to end-users. This allows us to obtain key information for creating the environment: network traffic, the number of users, resources used, OS versions.

  • Migration proposal.

After putting together the needs and objectives of the client and the tasks to be carried out, a first proposal document is delivered where the contracted services are specified, their location, the tasks to be carried out for the perfect functioning of the environment (virtualization of the ERP, new licensing), and the cost. Visit Here: 

  • Configuration and migration.

Once the client accepts the proposal, the new setting is configured and dimensioned for the subsequent migration of the data. The objective is to achieve a transparent migration for the end-user, stop the activity and the optimal functioning of the environment or the application.

  • ‘Turnkey’ delivery

Once the configuration of the new setting has been completed, access to the new cloud is facilitated, and the documentation corresponding to the project is carried out. To facilitate the transition of employees, we have manuals and technical support for change management.

  • Cross-platform knowledge

We have experience and cross-platform knowledge. This allows us to be more efficient in our processes and reduce the risk of migrations undertaken.

  • Certified technicians

We have a multidisciplinary team certified in the leading cloud storage solutions in the sector, which allows us to undertake migrations with total confidence and security.

Cloud Migration Services: Frequent Questions

What systems and applications can be migrated to the cloud?

Virtually, most systems and applications used in a company can migrate to the cloud, partially or completely. In this sense, the company must be clear about the way forward since a migration or coexistence scenario can be considered.Visit The Site:

What to consider before migrating to the cloud?

When planning a migration, it is important to understand the technical requirements for migrating our applications and servers to the cloud and the business and strategic objectives of the company. In this way, it is much easier to plan the migration, decide where the workloads will be located, what type of service is most convenient; plan the next steps for improvement, etc.

How is the process of migration to the cloud?

For migration to be successful, a prior audit is essential. Our technicians will analyze how the data is currently stored and structured in your business. With this information and cloud migration services design a migration plan to define what information is moved to the cloud and when the process will take place.

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