What is a forfeiture in cricket?

In most sports, forfeiting a game simply means to abandon it. As such, the player or team in question is considered as the loser of the contest. The concept of forfeiture is also present in cricket, and it is established in the rules of the game. The website can be used by punters in order to start wagering on whether a cricket captain is likely to make a forfeiture.

This feature can only be used in matches that are not of limited-overs. In other words, contests like One-Day Internationals or Twenty20 don’t allow captains to do a forfeiture. However, in Test and first-class matches this is perfectly doable. In fact, it has happened on a few occasions. The 1xBet online bookmaker is full with different outcomes that players can wager on, including forfeitures.

How do forfeitures work

Captains of cricket teams have the chance to forfeit an innings. When this happens, the innings in question is considered as completed. This is used as a tool that is normally agreed between the captains of both squads. In addition to winning the matches, cricket squads also want that their match produces a result. Making a forfeiture can make that process easier. Some great Indian bets kabaddi can be made on the 1xBet online bookmaker, which also features fantastic chances to bet on cricket matches too.

There have been a few teams involved in forfeitures, such as:

  • Durham;
  • Leicestershire;
  • the South African national squad;
  • and the English national squad.

All these squads can be wagered on the great cricket section of 1xBet India, which also gives chances to make kabaddi bets to all its members.

Specific situations

Forfeitures are rare occurrences. For example, in mid-2020, Durham and Leicestershire were playing a match between themselves. However, rain prevented it from continuing in a normal manner. All kinds of matches in the County Championship and other tournaments are present at the website.

The weather completely ruined the field. However, since teams also want to produce a result out of the match that they play, the captains of the teams agreed that each one would forfeit an innings.

Another situation took place in January 2000 in a Test match between the South African and English national squads. Rain had also created difficulties in that contest. For this reason, the South Africans would forfeit their innings after reaching 250 runs. They thought that England wouldn’t be able to reach an equal number of runs. Unfortunately for the South Africans, the English squad scored 251 runs. The 1xBet website can be used to wager on all those kinds of situations that happen in cricket matches.

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