What You Need To Know About Car Racing Accessories

What kind of accessories are you looking for before car racing? Are you looking for accessories made of excellent quality materials, or do you think that’s not necessary yet? It is crucial to know that you would look for quality first because your car racing equipment can save your life if properly made. Because car racing requires you to be always prepared, it is best to have extra socks and a backup pair of gloves. A backup Balaclava is also essential for your safety and comfort. So when you buy car racing accessories, think in two. Some can be easily lost or forgotten, but they are essential components of your race gear. Here we will look at what you may need to have for your first day on the track. If you are looking for high-quality racing equipment, click here. If you want to learn more about car racing equipment, supplies, and accessories, keep reading this article.

Accessories for Car Racing 


If you don’t have gloves, you should know that you won’t be able to race. Gloves are essential for your driving experience, especially, if you are starting out. It can be dangerous if you don’t have gloves. It is also essential to have an extra pair, because they often come off during an exciting day at the track. If you misplace one pair or lose and forget them, you need to have an extra pair of gloves in your car, at all times.

Alpinestars racing gloves are made especially for the professional race car driver. They provide an optimum comfort and prevent any pressure on the hands while driving, thus allowing you to have a firm grip and always have control over the wheel. The brand offers an easy entry for the hand and fits perfectly, embracing it.

Shoes and Socks 

If you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your sports car racing experience, then you need something high-quality like Tech-1 or SP by Alpinestars. You can find those at Westwood Racing Supplies. The high-quality brands offer shoes that will fit your leg perfectly and allow 100% movement while switching the pedals. You’d need shoes which will be comfortable, yet tight so that your leg doesn’t get stuck.

Again, having high-quality shoes is essential for your drive. Socks are just as important. You would need high-quality socks, made of fabric – durable, safe, and irritation-free. Alpinestars’ socks are ergonomically designed to meet all the standards for the professional race car driver. Always have an extra pair of them too.


For the professional driver, one of the most essential accessories you would need is the Balaclava. That is not just a mask. It is a close-fitting garment  that covers your whole head and neck, leaving only some parts of the face not covered – the eyes, the mouth and the nose. Sometimes it also covers the nose and the mouth as well.

All professional race car drivers wear Balaclava. You must always have a backup Balaclava in your car because, after one session, it could be soaked with sweat. And staying in the same Balaclava all day is not very hygienic to say the least. If you plan to run a couple of sessions a day,  having a second Balaclava in your car is a miust.

Helmet Shield 

Auto Racing helmet shields have been protecting sports car racing driver for years. Having a helmet is essential for your safety. Without one, you won’t be able to have a session on the track. Keep in mind, that you need to check the quality of the helmet shield you decide to buy. Always look for those helmets that are in compliance with the regulations and standards for safety. 

The helmet is designed to protect you against weather conditions (for motorists) and can also save your head from injury. Most helmets allow their shields to be replaced, should it get broken or if something else happens. Speaking of helmets, we advise you to buy the best one you can afford. Full face helmets give better protection against injuries and even fire. Always wear helmets that are your size. To check the size that best suits you: Our advices is that you should wear balaclava before putting the helmet on. If you are looking for excellent quality equipment check out Westwood Racing 

To Sum It All Up…

Being protected at all times during your race car driving session is your priority. Of course, it can be exciting, and you may be focusing more on the thrill and the excitement, but you need to remember that your safety comes first. That’s why it is essential to research and find the best sports car racing equipment that will keep you well protected from fire and injuries.

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