Here’s a Beginners’ Guide to Savini Wheels – Updated for 2022

There is an idea, a rather popular one, that people who ride premium vehicles (think Rolls Royce or its polar opposite, a Lamborghini) are generally not big fans of aftermarket wheels.

No one knows where this urban legend originated from, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Actually, premium vehicle owners tend to go for extremely niche rims, customized often for one single car. And this is where come in.

This is one of those rare brands which are rarified enough to be referred to with awe even in social circles populated by people who love and worship everything related to automobiles.

Savini represents the gold standard in the custom and aftermarket wheels’ segment. It has relatively few competitors, and one of them is Forgiato Wheels. This is another top-of-the-line manufacturer which often delivers handmade wheels to demanding customers.

Of late, however, market watchers have noted that there has been a slight change in Savini Wheels’ strategy. Apparently, they have launched a few new models which are a lot less expensive than the original members of their arsenal.

This is an interesting development as Savini is likely to take on the giants of the aftermarket rims market (which includes brands like Fuel, Enkei, and American Racing wheels) and slowly branch out into the manufacture of smaller rims. Some of their latest launches already include 18-inch rims, which are squarely directed at mid-size SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and other budget passenger and commercial vehicles.

Overall, the next 2 years are going to be super-exciting!

Why should I purchase Savini rims?

There are several people who ask themselves this exact question whenever they have a good, hard look at the price tags of the Savini Wheels that are sold by very exclusive retail outlets!

These are some of the most expensive wheels available worldwide.

Here are some points which will make you look beyond the price points.

  • Hyper-capable engineering: Savini has a single manufacturing unit; it’s located in California’s Anaheim. The company is fairly new; it was established in 2003 to cater solely to the super-luxury and premium segments.

But in these few short years, the company has overtaken Forgiato Wheels and several other very competitive and competent manufacturers. This is partly thanks to their superlative engineering.

The company is one of the world’s best manufacturers of forged wheels for high-end vehicles. That is no mean feat.

Savini has also rolled out a series of flow-formed rims that can give similarly manufactured model from any other market leader a run for its money!

Besides, since their rims are mostly used in luxury and high-performance vehicles including Ferrari, the Chevy Corvette C8, the Aston Martin Vantage, and the Lamborghini Urus (just some of the names!), they have to be as durable as possible given the low-slung nature of these cars.

Here too, Savini has demonstrated a series of models that are light as feathers but ultra-durable and capable of taking on every surface.

  • Superior materials in use: All original Savini Wheels are made from avionics-grade aluminum alloy. This is commonly known as the 6061-T6 aluminum. This is nothing new in itself barring one aspect: Savini has gone ahead and procured 2024-T6 aluminum too!

Although there is no official word on whether the latter type has been used in manufacturing 18-inch rims or any other sizes, it only goes to show how far the company will go to preserve its dominance over the competition.

  • Customizations galore: One of the greatest strengths of the company is the customization capabilities of its models. Each rim can be produced bespoke for a particular vehicle or just a limited number of high-end passenger cars. The company also adds a proprietary sealant besides blind bolts in almost every model it has launched till now.

Because of their high-performance nature, these rims are considerably more concave than almost every other aftermarket rim you can buy. The window detailing and other small extras give them an edge over Forgiato Wheels.

Furthermore, you can also ask the company to custom-produce a set for your Mercedes Maybach (to use an example) that will be able to accommodate TPMS sets markedly different from those ordinarily used by a Maybach.

  • Eye candy like few others: This should come as no major surprise since Savini’s models often seem to bridge the gap between art and science. The existing models are as stunning as they come, although aesthetics and the choice of styles is intensely subjective. It is no wonder that the world’s most expensive passenger cars and the most capable performance vehicles are often spotted outfitted with a set of the latest Savini Wheels!

I’m impressed! Anything more I should know?

If you are planning to procure a set of these rims, ensure that you are purchasing them from recognized retail outlets only. Keep in mind that Savini Wheels are so selective in their operations that they have only a handful of third-party outlets.

Finally, it would be advisable to read up every piece of information available on your chosen set. It will help you take much better care of them.

These are not merely high-grade custom rims; they are probably the future of such wheels as we know them. Already, Savini has tied up with EV majors like Tesla and has graced the all-electric Mercedes EQS and Porsche’s Taycan!

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