Which is the easiest Optional Subject for UPSC Mains?

UPSC exams are considered to be one of the toughest exams in India and are used to select the finest candidates and aspiring government officials to serve the Government of India.

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission Exam helps in qualifying aspiring Civil Service Candidates who would go on to serve prestigious positions in the Indian Government such as District Collectors, Officials in IAS, IFS and IPS etc.

There are many other positions as well which open up when candidates clear the UPSC exams. UPSC online coaching is one of the most popular methods of preparing for the prelims and mains exams as they help in laying the foundation of the course as well as helping students with questions, doubts and methods to train for the exams in the most effective manner. Checkout some of the best industrial lights at

Preparing for UPSC Exams and the Choosing the Optional

Preparing for UPSC exams can take years and still be quite tough to crack. Some of the best minds in the country design the question paper for this examination and the answers are scrutinized by a team of experts.

The entire process of preparing can take anywhere between a few months to a few years but with the right classes and the right UPSC online coaching, it is possible to crack this coveted examination in a single go.

Many aspiring candidates have vouched for the importance of training and preparing the right way with the right people rather than how much time one spends on studying or preparing.

Knowing what to prepare and how to prepare for such examinations is half the game won. This is why coaching centers and online classes have garnered so much fame and more and more people are now enrolling themselves in such classes.

The entire process of appearing for UPSC exams is divided into 2 parts – The Application, the Preparation of the Examination.

1. Application Stage

The dates for the exams are always announced in the beginning of the financial year or even a few weeks before that. Aspiring candidates must always keep a watch over these dates so that they can register well on time and not miss these dates.

The fee is quite low but there are some rules to adhere to when one applies such as nationality, age and optionals that a person chooses. One of the best tips shared by experts is to choose the right optional subject to help in easily cracking these examinations.

2. Preparation Stage

The next stage is to prepare for the exams which are divided into 3 parts – the Prelims, the Mains and the Interview Process. Preparation for the written exams must be started atleast a year before registering for the exam and this requires to have an idea of how the exam is going to be, the format of the exam, the syllabus of the exam, the options available to choose from and the preparation methodology one os going to follow to crack the exam.

When it comes to options there are so many choices that one can choose from such as languages, sciences, social sciences etc. The best optional to choose from is on the basis of the strongest subject that one feels most confident in. Many subjects coincide with the general studies syllabus such as Sociology, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Agriculture, geography etc.

These subjects share a lot of common ground with the General Studies syllabus and can save time for aspiring candidates when they prepare for their exams.

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