Whole Body Vibration And Depression

Depression, stress, anxiety, and other associated mood disorders are rampant in the world due to the unfulfilled hopes and desires and the fierce competition which one meets at every level in life. Depression is called the curtain of despair that engulfs the lives of people, affecting their lives and all of those around them. 

Mood disorders can severly disrupt how one functios, eats, sleeps, and gets along with others. For those who consider themselves to be lone sailors on the ship of depression, you are not. There are so many other people out there who are going through the same thing. In an attempt to do her part in alleviating your sufferings, Becky Chambers brings you her amazing Whole-Body Vibration for Mental Health book, which will help you end your suffering and opt for a healthy recovery path. 

Depression is not a mental failing, but rather it is a disease, and like so many other diseases, it can be treated. It often begins with anxiety and, when it becomes overwhelming, can lead to panic attacks and severe depression. 

Why A Vibration Machine For Body Can be Your Treatment Option

There are several medical ways to counter depression and related problems. However, Becky Chambers brings you one that does not require you to take any medicine or wait for any follow-ups. The whole body vibration machine that treats chronic inflammation and other health issues is also a godsend for depression. 

Stress and depression often also lead to many other diseases as they affect every level of our body and mind through the powerful mnd-body connection. Instead of letting your whole body deteriorate, nip the problem in the bud; whole body vibration therapy is an easy and drug-free solution. Exercise itself is a huge plus for your health – and with the whole body vibration, these benefits are futher amplified – effectively and quickly reducing stress, tension, and depression! 

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

It has been clinically proven and demonstrated that Whole Body Vibration therapy has an immensely positive effect on producing and releasing hormones and neurotransmitters. The vibrations have a workout and massaging effect that causes an increase in serotonin, testosterone, and norephinephrine levels. With just 10 minutes of WBV exercise, you can feel more relaxed, energized, and happy. 

By making WBV therapy a part of your daily routine, these hormones can be increased, improving your overall mood and countering mental lethargy as well. Serotonin is one of the widely studied neurotransmitters that help in regulating a huge range of psychological and biological functions required for optimal health.

Reduction In Symptoms Of Depression 

Research studies that have been carried out to study the affect of whole-body vibration on depression have shown remarkable results with a significant reduction in symptoms. By just spending 15 to 20 minutes on the vibrating platform, you can provide your body with immense benefits and rid yourself of depression and other enervating thoughts. 

A short session on the machine helps increase optimism and counter feelings of distress and anxiety. It is great exercise and a great way to motivate yourself and feel good so that you are able to think straight and do more in life. 

Becky has authored a number of books on whole-body vibration that you can benefit from. The books cover all aspects of your life and even include a calming inflammation book for those suffering from health conditions. You can find the machine as well as Becky’s books on Amazon – a small step you can take to transform your life!

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