Why Do Companies Prefer Virtual Visa Cards to Reward Employees?

A corporate professional knows what it means to be rewarded. Whether from high-profile clients or company executives, rewards give employees a sense of achievement and motivation to perform better. Incentive programs are a strategy for companies to promote productivity and employee loyalty. In the era of digitalisation, most corporate companies prefer rewarding their employees with virtual Visa cards to allow them to redeem the pre-loaded amount anytime, anywhere.

What are These Visa Cards?

Visa is a globally acknowledged name when it comes to card transactions. Besides credit and debit cards where the amount needs to be postpaid or is deducted directly from the holder’s bank account, Visa has introduced virtual prepaid cards that Australian companies extensively use as business gifts to staff, survey participants, and resellers. They are loaded with the incentive amount by the company and can be redeemed at any online or offline store that accepts Visa.

The fun with these Visa cards is that they are not restricted to only a single store like store cards. Employees can utilise their gift amount for various purposes across Australia without carrying cash or paying in credit.

Benefits of These Visa Cards to Companies

Like the employees, corporate martech companies also enjoy a bundle of benefits with their prepaid incentive cards. That’s why they have become a business gift for big names in the corporate world. Let’s delve deeper into what benefits Visa cards offer to organisations throughout Australia.


These Visa cards can be customised with the company’s logo on the generic template or redesigned according to the organisation’s business needs. This allows the corporate company to promote its brand to employees, clients, survey participants, and referrals. It not only gives the reward a professional touch but also exhibits pride and the company’s legacy.


Cards are more secured and replenishable than cash. If an already loaded virtual Visa card is lost or stolen, it can be immediately disabled so that no unauthorised holder can redeem the amount. This gives the users a sense of safety, trust, and relief to carry the card anywhere and use it extensively.


These Visa cards offer zero inventory ordering and zero bank fees to load the amount. Companies can also manage cashback and referral incentives when new customers sign up to be referred by clients or employees. This saves the organisation time and money while rewarding the personnel in real-time.


With these Visa cards, companies can enjoy the utmost flexibility. They can load the card a single time or reload it multiple times per business needs. Moreover, the cards are fully customisable to suit the company’s requirements. They can use the preset templates or customise the card design with their brand identity. They are in complete control of the usage of the card.


Every time the cardholders use the virtual Visa card, the company remains at the top of their minds. This adds to the brand recognition and triggers a sense of pride among the employees to serve a corporate big fish. The company thereby enjoys employee loyalty and healthy work culture to enhance productivity.

To Sum Up

Corporate gifting inspires employees and shows gratitude to clients and agents. Make your personnel happy with prepaid Visa cards’ security, flexibility, and simplicity of prepaid Visa cards. They will appreciate the gesture because of the practicality and universal viability of the Visa cards.

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