Why Do Pet Parents Turn to CBD Oil For Cats?

Cats are friendly, and it’s easy to care for them. They require water, food, cuddling, and human companions, but some might still get diseases, especially when approaching old age. Fortunately, there are supplements like cannabidiol that can help them combat several symptoms and medical conditions such as anxiety and arthritis.

While they are growing, your pet cats may go through various developmental stages in their lifetime. Some will usually go through the phases in an easier manner, but others may become stressed and anxious as they experience rapid changes in just a few months. They may show symptoms like destroying furniture, lack of appetite, hyperactivity, anxiousness, and excessive self-grooming.

Most of these symptoms may show when your furry friends undergo a significant change, such as moving into a new house. They may also exhibit anxiety upon the arrival of a new baby, getting a new kitten as roommates, or if you’re traveling to another city with them.

Cannabidiol can help regulate these symptoms and significantly decrease their levels of anxiety. Check out Cheefbotanicals for CBD that is specially made for cats. These are supplements that will reduce their tendencies for excessive grooming or exhibiting behaviors detrimental to their bodies.

CBD does a lot more than enhancing your pet’s mood. There’s anecdotal evidence that shows that it can provide relief from joint pain, boost the immune system, help in inflammation, and assist with the mobility of the joints. Many kitties have benefited from regularly taking CBD as long as they were provided the correct dose.

While pharmaceutical medicines can help them get the relief that they need from various ailments, these drugs often have negative side effects. This is one of the reasons why many pet parents are looking for a more natural and healthier alternative.

What to Look for in CBD?

Know that when you’re in the market to search for the right products, you will encounter a lot of CBD oil tinctures and bottles. Some of them are formulated for people, and others are for pets. You need to look for the ones that are specific for your cats. The factors to consider are the following:

High-Quality Ingredients

You need bottles with transparent ingredients that are written on the labels or the manufacturers’ websites. They should not be harmful to pets, and they are purely organic. The ingredients should be non-GMO, and there should not be any presence of pesticides in them. The hemp plants should have been locally harvested in the USA and the essential oils used are safe for kittens.

Undergo Third-Party Laboratory Tests

A third-party laboratory will tend to test CBD oil products in an unbiased way. The results are usually published on the manufacturers’ websites, and the testing should be independent and not affiliated with the company. The results of these tests show the total percentage of CBD in the products, and it gives many pet parents some peace of mind when they are purchasing something for their four-legged pet.

Potency and Product Description

The isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum cannabidiol oil have different ingredients and levels of CBD. Read more about the full-spectrum products on this page here. You need to determine the category in which the oil falls. This way, the pet parents will determine the accurate doses when giving the oil extracts to their beloved cats.

Excellent Customer Reviews

The effectiveness of the product can be measured with the success it gives to the cats. Look for oil with reviews that include the speed of the shipping, how easy it is to order, and the efficacy of the cannabidiol. The customer experience is very important in how the company functions.

Best Products for Cats

Full-Spectrum Oil

Know that there are products that are full-spectrum a hundred percent organic. The best companies keep their CBD tinctures free from pesticides and herbicides. A full-spectrum oil means that the extracts include CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and THC less than 0.3%.

THC may be common in marijuana because the weed comprises more than 30% of this compound, but it can’t produce any psychoactive effect when it’s only less than 0.3%. So many companies add a negligible amount of THC in the oil to produce an entourage effect. This essentially enhances the effect of cannabidiol and the other plant compounds, and your pet can get faster relief.

In some anecdotal reports, many pet owners have struggled with kittens that have incapacitating medical conditions. Although the vet has provided a prescription of medicines, the multiple side effects that the cat is experiencing are not worth it.

Seeking a more natural remedy means that the parents have looked into CBD that’s non-GMO and soy-free, and the result was the kitties grew healthier and more content than ever. Read some info about the non-GMO project in this link here:

Highly-Concentrated Extracts

For those who believe in plant-based alternatives, CBD has paved the way for these kinds of supplements. Some manufacturers have created a product that’s based on the whole plant. This means that the oil will have a higher concentration of all the beneficial compounds found in the plant-like CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD.

The additional cannabinoids ensure that the products are going to deliver what they promise. The extraction process used is often through the use of CO2. All the beneficial essential oils, terpenes, and phytonutrients are combined with increasing the potency of cannabidiol. The result is a happier and healthier kitten that will make your day brighter.

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