Why printed flags are important for your business

Flags printed with your logo can help you represent your brand and raise awareness of your business.

Whether printed on thin paper or thick plastic, printed flags are an affordable way to attract attention to any event.

Affordable printed flags for every budget

Printed flags come in a range of sizes from small to extra large and they are printed on lightweight material – thin paper or heavy-duty polyester.  Printed small 9″ x 12″ thin paper flags would be ideal for temporary signage need such as a tradeshow booth display whereas printed yard signs 24″ x 36″ printed on heavy-duty polyester would work well at an outdoor sports facility or an agricultural event where the weather conditions may be extreme. The printing process is similar too as both printed flags are printed using digital full color process printing. The printed flag will attract attention because it is different than the printed poster, banner or printed sign that your audience is expecting to see.

A printed flag may be used in conjunction with one of these printed signs or banners where the need for stand-alone signage is not needed. A printed flag can also be used as a small hand-held sign where weight or size constraints are not an issue. Businesses often place printed flags at trade shows to encourage leads while handing out giveaways such as customized pens, hand sanitizer and other branded swag items are being given away by tradeshow booth staff.

Flags have been around for centuries so it’s no wonder why they still exist today.

The printed flag dates back to the 5th century BC when it was used by the ancient Greeks and is believed to have been created by a soldier named Lysistratus of Athens.

Printed flags serve a great purpose in raising awareness, inciting pride and garnering support.

Flags printed with your business logo will help you raise awareness of your brand while helping gain support for your cause, event or business which is why printed flags are important for any business.


What printed flag styles are available?

There are many printed flag styles to choose from including printed full color flags, printed two-sided flags, printed mesh banners and printed pull up banners. Printed full color flags can be printed as a single or double-sided flag depending on the need. They come in a variety of sizes from small 9″ x 12″ printed flags up to large 4′ x 6′ printed flags. Printed two-sided flags also referred to as “bi-fold” or “tri-fold” or tall banner style, these custom printed banners include a sleeve where a pole slides into for a tall banner effect at trade shows and events. A printed mesh banner may seem similar to custom printed full color flags however instead of printed on a thin paper, printed mesh banners are printed using lightweight polyester. Printed mesh flags come in a variety of sizes from small 9″ x 12″ printed mesh flags up to large 4′ x 6′ printed mesh flags. Printed pull-up banners are printed with the same lightweight material but they include a nylon bag instead of sleeve for easy set-up and take down at events and trade shows.

What the difference between printed full color flags is versus printed two-sided or tri-fold custom printed banners?

The most common style used today by businesses is printed full color flag banners available as single or double sided. A printed 2-sided flag will be more durable than that of a printed one-sided flag however if printed full color printed flags or printed two-sided printed banners serve the same purpose; to inform and gain attention at your event, trade show booth display or outdoor facility. The choice will depend on your budget requirements. Printed mesh banner printed flags are more economical than printed 2-sided printed banners, flag printed banners or printed pull up printed banners however they do have limitations when it comes to durability in extreme weather conditions.


The printed flag is printed on lightweight polyester fabric which reads correctly from both sides. This printed banner is printed with an adaptable, portable storage solution that allows you to roll up printed flags into a carry case when not in use. Printed flags have been around for centuries and it’s no wonder why printed flags are still being used today. The printed flag serves a great purpose in raising awareness, inciting pride and garnering support. Your business branding will help gain support for your cause, event or business which is why printed flag banners are important for any business.

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