A Beginner’s Journey: The Five Essential Gym Equipment You Need For Your Home Gym

One of the advantages of suburban life is the availability of free space for any needs, for example, for a home gym. But the question is, which training apparatus and equipment are suitable for your gym? Where is it better to equip it and how to choose exactly what you will use? You will find answers to all these questions in our article.

Before you start

The first step is arranging the room. What should you pay attention to? Consider the room’s decor: the floor covering must be safe (rubberized rugs or cork), ventilation and waterproofing are essential, do not forget about mirrors on the walls and equipment for musical accompaniment. If you cannot prepare your home for a home gym space, then you should consider working with professionals, such as the ones who provide home remodeling in Sacramento.

Consider the weight and dimensions of the gym equipment. If you plan to equip a gym in an attic room, check if the overlap will withstand the additional weight, and distribute the load evenly.

Finally, start with a minimal set of equipment. After a few workouts, you will understand what you are missing and buy what you need.

1. Exercise bike

You can save a lot and buy belt-load exercise bikes. But how to work on it will not work: the load will be minimal. Better to buy a magnetic exercise bike. They are more expensive, but they provide a regular cardio workout. You can connect a chest cardio belt to them, which accurately shows the pulse. In addition, they have different training programs. For those who want to train intensely and pump their legs and their arms, the AirBike air resistance trainer is suitable. On it, you pedal and move the handles so that almost the whole body works. The more you move, the more drag the bike creates. The model works autonomously. The disadvantage is that it is very noisy and expensive.

While you are biking inside your home gym, you must also remember the fun of biking in nature. Since you are already moving away from the traditional bike, you can give a try to a motorized bike as well. With a motorized bike you will be able to bike quickly and you will have the benefit of safety as well.

2. Elliptical Trainer

The movements on this stimulator are not entirely natural for a person: you are doing standing, your legs describe the trajectory of an ellipse, which is not found in ordinary life. Therefore, it may be uncomfortable at first, but you will quickly adapt. The advantage of such a simulator is that soft movements without impacts reduce the load on the knees and spine. So the simulator can be used with any weight and level of training.

If you need a reliable and inexpensive exercise machine and don’t care about heart rate zones, take a magnetic one. But suppose you want to know what heart rate you are working on and how many calories you burned, and are also ready to try programs with different intensities. In that case, you will have to pay a significant price for an electromagnetic trainer. The number of features depends on the model and price.

3. Treadmill

Running is the most natural activity for a person and a real champion in energy consumption, among other cardio. Running at an average speed of 10 km / h burns 600-800 kcal per hour, depending on the weight. Unlike a stationary bike or ellipse, running provides a significant shock load, which can be detrimental to the health of the knee joints and spine. Therefore, think twice before buying a treadmill if you have excess weight or problems with joints and back.

The cheapest tracks are mechanical, without an engine. In such models, the tape is installed at an angle with each step you push the canvas. Engine tracks are more expensive. The speed depends on the power. As a rule, in the characteristic, they write how much it will be able to accelerate. Expensive models usually include several programs, the ability to adjust the inclination angle – to run both straight and uphill, a built-in fan that will blow over you while driving, the ability to turn on music right on the track, and other features.

4. Rowing machine

The rowing machine burns an average of about 600 kcal per hour—no shock to knees and back, minimal risk of injury. The trainer is perfect for people of all ages, weights, and fitness levels.

The most inexpensive rowing machines are models with hydraulic cylinders. They have two handles, which simulate rowing in natural conditions, but you need to know the rowing technique for practical training. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to practice. Rowing beginners should try the center row models. If you want to train like professionals and the extraordinary appearance of the simulator, consider models with a water type of load. In them, resistance is created by blades moving in a container with water, which simulates the conditions of real rowing. But they are costly.

5. TRX Functional Training Loops

TRX (total body resistance exercise) is a nylon line with hand grips and foot loops. The simulator is fixed on a horizontal bar, a counter, or even an ordinary door. It allows you to perform many exercises with your body weight: various push-ups and pull-ups, spreads, squats, lunges, folds, and crunches. Also, with practice on the loops, you can make cardio complexes for pumping endurance. Any model is suitable for home use.

We hope our article helped you decide on the choice of equipment and the arrangement of your home gym. Good luck in your training and remember about safety!

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