Today they will introduce techniques and how to play baccarat Various in the style of Rg3lotto, which is a simple technique that many people overlook, such as choosing a room, which room selection is essential because if choosing the wrong room, the chance of losing money will be up to 90-100%. It is one of the disadvantages of learning wrongly. For example, when a master comes to teach, it will choose to play only in one room until the end of the lesson. Which, in principle, playing one room and walking the game, analyzing every eye like that. It’s almost impossible to play with a profit of 4-5 in a row.


Many people may still not understand. How to choose a baccarat room, but understand how to play baccarat (บาคาร่า) Understand the techniques of playing baccarat Today, they will teach you how to select a baccarat room and choose a baccarat room for us to play quickly. Ask how important it is to select a baccarat room. If they decide on a terrible baccarat room, choose a baccarat room that is difficult to play, it will affect our play.

In the beginning, you will have to choose a baccarat room first. They have two examples for you to see, and I will analyze them to see which one is easy to play.

Ping pong room

You will notice that this room is a baccarat graph in the form of ping-pong. They can easily predict that the next one will be 80% blue, so this type of room is famous. I am playing the most because it is the easiest to guess the cards.

Double-deck room

The double-ball room is easy to guess, just like a ping-pong room. because it will be noticed that there is a red 2 turns blue two and then read two so next will have a high chance of being in blue for two as well

Dragon room

It can be seen that the red comes up to only three characters. You can see that this room is red. It only comes up to 3. If more than this, they can predict that it may be a baccarat card in the picture. The style of the dragon card. And then it will go down like this and so on. If they find a baccarat graph that is a dragon, they should not cut it. Let us play accordingly.

All this is How to read baccarat card layout Preliminary should be studied in all seven formats because they are often seen and often encountered in online baccarat formula (สูตรบาคาร่า) betting. Even if it doesn’t follow him 100%, but if he’s proficient in reading, reading these cards will help you make decisions in choosing to bet more accurately.

Player’s rules

  • If the total of the first two cards equals 1,2,3,4,0, draw an additional card.
  • If the total of the first two cards equals 6,7, draw more.
  • If the total of the first two cards equals 8 or 9 is Pok, no additional draw is required.

For playing baccarat, there will be different betting formats. But the fundamentals are similar as follows:

  • Banker bets are bets that the banker will win.
  • Player side bets are bets that the player side will win.
  • A tie bet is a bet that both sides will be tied.

Basic rules of playing baccarat There will be only this if you already know the rules. It will make playing baccarat more fun, so before playing, you should study. How to play baccarat and regulations well before for anyone looking for a website to play baccarat. They have a website to recommend that has standards and is confident that it is safe.


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